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Red Cross Blurr

Top 23 Symbols of Health & Longevity Through History

Since the advent of time, societies have associated certain images with the …

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Nepalese candles lighting a temple wall.

Top 20 Fire Gods and Goddesses Throughout History

Fire gods and goddesses are some of the most ancient types of gods in numerous …

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Brown bear cub standing with her mom close.

Top 23 Symbols of Motherhood and Their Meanings

The importance of mothers cannot be understated. The role of mothers in guarding …

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Buddha Statue.

Top 25 Buddhist Symbols and Their Meanings

Buddhism originated in the 6th century BCE when Siddhartha Gautama …

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Chinese dragon - symbol of strength.

Top 30 Ancient Symbols of Strength & Power With Meanings

Strength and power, the capacity to exert great force or resist it, has been …

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Two infinite knots symbolizing karma, rebirth, and interconnectedness.

Top 14 Ancient Symbols of Rebirth and Their Meaning

The theme of rebirth always surrounds us. Over time, through cultivation …

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