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About Us

Give Me History is an independent, Internet-based publication designed to benefit history enthusiasts, teachers and their students.

Dedicated to providing only 100% facts, knowledgeable and accurate history content, we are Family-owned and published by a group of high school teachers and freelance writers who have a passion for empowering, enlightening, and educating students on a broader range of historical topics.

We exist to open your heart and mind to the past so you can grow for the future.

Since our inception in 2018, we have primarily focused on changing the face of history content by curating interesting, engaging and top-notch content that offers more value.

Our ultimate goal is to create the best history content available to better engage and educate people on the importance of history. We take pride in leveraging our extensive experience of research, professional educational skills, and expertise in creating clear, trustworthy and accurate history content.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or someone who loves learning about the beginning, journey, or the mystery behind a place, the people, their culture, tribe, race, ethnicity, and more, Give Me History helps put this information at your fingertips with the most fascinating, high quality and exciting historical topics.

Our writers

David Rymer BA MBT

David Rymer.

David is a freelance writer, non-fiction and fiction author and university lecturer in journalism, marketing and law.

He has been based in the Middle East for over a decade travelling extensively in the region, including Egypt indulging in his passion for archaeology. He amuses himself in his down time by writing.

David can be found at @daviddoeswords and

Juliana Cummings

Juliana Cummings.

Juliana has been writing for close to thirty years. From her first publication in her junior high newspaper to her current writings on Tudor and Medieval history, writing has always been Juliana’s passion in life.

Her work has been published in History is Now magazine, Matt’s History Blog, A Tudor Writing as well as Tudor

Juliana has also self published on

View Juliana’s Full Author Profile here

Margaret Walker

Margaret Walker.

Margaret is a published author and has ​Qualifications in Science, Education and Professional Communication.

Margaret can be found at