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What Is The Birthstone for January 1st?

What Is The Birthstone for January 1st?

For January 1st, the modern-day birthstone is: Garnet

For January 1st, the traditional (ancient) birthstone is: Garnet

The January 1st Zodiac birthstone for Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) is: Ruby

Gemstones have attracted many civilizations in the past with their rare beauty, durability, and the possibility of holding miraculous powers.

In ancient and modern times, Humankind has worn gemstones to gain strength, protection, and good fortunes. Such practices have made their way into the association of gemstones with a person’s birth date. 

Every month of the year is associated with a specific gemstone. Thus the term “birthstone” was coined. In ancient times, gemstones were identified by their color alone due to the unavailability of chemical analysis.

Today, all gemstones have acclaimed their individual names, which is why many gemstones’ names in the past are not the same as we use in present times. For example, a gemstone regarded as ruby in the past might be a garnet today.


The modern and traditional birthstone for the month of January is “Garnet.”

Birthstones are thought to bring good health, good fortune, and prosperity. People love to wear their month’s birthstones as necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. 

If you were born on January 1st, your birthstone is Garnet. Consider yourself fortunate, as you can adorn this beautiful gemstone in any color you like. Associated with royalty and warrior ships, this birthstone brings protection and strength to its wearer.

Garnet as A Birthstone 

Red heart shaped garnet.
Red heart shaped garnet

Whenever the birthstone garnet comes to mind, you might think of a beautiful red gemstone. What most people don’t know is that garnet comes in a variety of colors ranging from green, yellow, mint, purple, and orange. 

So if you are born on January 1st, thank your lucky stars as you have scored a versatile and beautiful birthstone.

The word granatum originates from Latin and means “seed.” This birthstone name is derived from granatum as its dark red color and shape resemble a pomegranate seed. 

From the dark red forms of Almandine to the sparkling green Tsavorite, the birthstone has marked its importance in history due to its durability, beauty, and protective characteristics.

Garnet – History and General Information

The garnet stone’s durability is proved by the fact that remnants of this jewelry item date back to the Bronze Age. It is believed that the Egyptians used this gemstone to adorn their jewelry and craftworks. Most people believe that the deep red color of this stone is a symbol of blood and life

In the third and fourth centuries, the Romans advocated the healing properties of this gemstone. Garnet was used as a talisman for warriors who went into the battlefield believing that the stone would grant them protection and strength. 

Many healers in ancient times used garnets to ward off the plaque and praised the gemstone for healing the sick and wounded. 

This gemstone only garnered more love and attention when the Anglo-Saxons and Victorians started curating breathtaking jewelry pieces from these stones. These jewelry items resembled the original namesake of this gemstone; tiny clusters of red gems forming a statement piece like seeds of a pomegranate.

Melanite, a rare opaque black garnet, was also used in Victorian-era jewelry pieces. 

The increasing popularity of garnets as a symbol of healing and protection from evil, illnesses, or enemies earned this gemstone the position of traditional and modern birthstone for the month of January. 

Garnet – Colors

Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring.
Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring
Photo by Gary Yost on Unsplash

The red Almandine garnet stone is the most widely used variety for jewelry pieces. The transparent deep red forms of Almandine are less commonly found but favored as gemstones.

Rhodolite is another valuable and unique variety of garnets. These exceptionally brilliant stones have a rose-pink or violet color, making them a sought-after option for jewelry items.

The exceptional demantoid garnet has recently become well-liked due to its stunning grass-green color. The rarest garnet in the world is Tsavorite, a valuable and rare gem that puts any other green gem in the world to shame.

Pyrope is a well-known but rare variety of garnets, and its distinctive red coloration resembles the stone to ruby. Spessartite garnet has a beautiful orange or reddish brown color, and the most expensive spessartites have a glowing neon orange color, making it one of the finest and most stunning garnets ever found.

Recently, a rare variety of garnets which is a mixture of pyrope garnet and spessartite has sparked interest in these gemstone lovers. This color-change garnet appears dull in ordinary light, but under specific artificial light, it reveals unique colors. Such a phenomenon is highly sought after by gem collectors.

Garnet – Symbolism

The opaque red color of Almandine enhances a person’s strength, vitality, and endurance. This gemstone helps with low energy levels and lack of motivation and allows its wearer to feel grounded and connect with the surroundings.

The unique Rhodolite symbolizes physical healing. Its rose-red color is associated with the circulation and good health of the heart and lungs and healing from emotional trauma and afflictions. 

Demantoid is believed to remove hurdles in the path of love and enhance understanding between married couples. This garnet is also believed to get rid of infectious diseases in its wearer, especially blood poisoning and lung diseases.

The most desired tsavorite garnet increases the zest and benevolence of a person. It heals the heart chakra, thus contributing to more vitality and strength in a person.

The pomegranate red color of pyrope garnet symbolizes gentleness and warmth. It also represents love and passion. The vivid orange color of spessartite garnet is believed to clear the aura around its wearer, making it easier to attract good fortune or a lover. 

Many people are of the opinion that the unique color-changing garnets remove the negative energies from their surroundings and balance their environment by changing the colors. 

Garnet – Birthstone Meaning

The first idea of or the association of gemstones to zodiac signs has its roots in the Bible. In the second book of the Bible, the Book of Exodus, there is a detailed description of birthstones in relation to the Breastplate of Aaron.

The sacred object contained twelve gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The scholars Flavius Josephus and St. Jerome made the connection between these twelve gemstones and the twelve zodiac signs. 

After that, people in different cultures and times started wearing the 12 gemstones to gain an advantage from their supernatural powers. However, in 1912, a new birthstone list was compiled representing periods of birth or zodiac signs.

Alternative and Traditional Birthstones for January

Do you know that not only are there birthstones designated according to your month but according to your zodiac sign or days of the week?


Beautiful ruby gems.
Beautiful ruby gems

The 12 birthstones are also traditionally associated with the twelve astrological signs. This means that even if you cannot find your birthstone for your date of birth, as in this case, it is January the first, you can buy an alternative birthstone that will also bring good fortune and prosperity.

To all of you who were born on the first day of the first month, your zodiac sign is Capricorn, which means that your alternative birthstone is Ruby. Isn’t fortune just smiling upon you?

Ruby is another one of the most precious and stunning gemstones in the world. Once thought to provide resistance and protection against illnesses and misfortune, ruby is still treasured as a birthstone. Its red blood color symbolizes blood, body warmth, and life. Which also makes ruby a symbol of passion, commitment, and love.

Days of the week

Do you know that you can even buy a suitable birthstone according to the day of the week on which you were born?

If you were born on Monday, you could buy a moonstone for inner clarity, intuition, and feminine elements like softness and fertility.

Those who were born on Tuesday can buy a ruby for love, commitment, and passion. 

Wednesday borns can claim emerald as their birthstone. It symbolizes eloquence, balance, and wit.

Those having Thursday as their birthday can wear yellow sapphire, which will bring knowledge, prosperity, and happiness into your world.

People born on Friday can wear a diamond as their birthstone, which is associated with love, good health, and long life.

If you were born on Saturday, wearing a blue sapphire will bring luck, happiness, sincerity, and loyalty into your life.

The sun is the ruling planet for those born on Sunday, making citrine a symbol of radiance, joy, and energy for them. 

FAQ Related to The January Birthstone, Garnet

What Is the Real Birthstone for January?

The garnet is a beautiful and diverse modern birthstone for the month of January.

What Is January’s Birthstone Color?

The garnets are commonly red in color but are also found in a range of orange, purple, yellow, and green colors.

Does January Have 2 Birthstones?

Those born in January can either have Capricorn or Aquarius as their zodiac signs, making ruby or garnet suitable birthstones.

Did You Know These Facts About January 1st in History?

  • Advertisements about cigarettes were banned on radio and television throughout America in 1971.
  • The Oprah Winfrey Network was launched on television in 2011.
  • Talk about the blood red of the garnet. The first-ever blood transfusion was performed in 1916.
  • J. D. Salinger, the author of one of the most well-known books in the world, The Catcher in the Rye, was born in 1919.


If you are someone who firmly believes in the power and energy of birthstones, or just a beginner enthusiast who wants to explore the benefits these gems can bring for a person, we recommend looking at the birthstones associated with your birth month or zodiac sign.

Figure out what works best for you and which stones balance your energy and support your life in all the right ways.