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Blood Moon Symbolism (Top 11 Meanings)

Blood Moon Symbolism (Top 11 Meanings)

As the full moon begins to slip into Earth’s shadow, a rare and breathtaking phenomenon unfolds: The blood moon. 

It symbolizes self-introspection and prompts people to look into their past actions and face the problems that they have been avoiding. 

With its striking red hue and eerie glow, the blood moon has captured the human imagination for centuries, inspiring countless stories, myths, and legends. But beyond its stunning visual appeal, the blood moon is also rich in symbolism and meaning. 

Stick till the end of this article as we tell you all about the blood moon’s meaning and symbolism. 

What Exactly Is a Blood Moon?

In simple terms, a blood moon is used to depict the ruddy red hue taken on by the moon during a total lunar eclipse. This is the result of the earth, sun and moon being in perfect alignment. During this alignment, the Earth’s shadow falls onto the moon’s surface resulting in it appearing red. 

Photo of eclipse blood moon, over a bridge.
Photo by Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash

This phenomenon happens due to light scattering through Earth’s atmosphere, which gives it its reddish hue. This rare event can be seen twice a year, on average.

Blood moons have long been associated with legends and folklore throughout history, often being used to predict the future or to attract good luck. In many ancient cultures, it was believed that blood moons were signs of chaos and destruction, while others saw them as a sign of renewal and rebirth.

Blood Moon Meanings

Blood moon over the ocean with reflection.

A blood moon most commonly symbolizes self-exploration, destruction/death, and rebirth at the same time. Here is a deeper insight into different means throughout the world: 

  • Harvest Time: In some agricultural societies, blood moons have been associated with the harvest season. The red color of the Moon is said to represent the blood of the crops, which are being harvested at this time. (1)
  • Lunar Goddess: In many cultures, the Moon is associated with feminine energy and is seen as a representation of a goddess. Blood moons may be seen as a time when this goddess is particularly powerful or active.
  • Apocalyptic Sign: Some people believe that blood moons are a sign of impending doom or catastrophe. This belief has roots in ancient cultures such as the Mayans, who associated eclipses with the end of the world. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.
  • Spiritual Awakening: In some spiritual traditions, blood moons are seen as a time of heightened spiritual energy or awakening. The reddish hue of the Moon is thought to symbolize the root chakra, which represents grounding and stability.

What Does a Blood Moon Symbolize?

Dreaming about the blood moon can lead to many subjective interpretations, but it often has a negative annotation in most cases. 

  • If you see a blood moon in your dream, it could mean that your relationship is causing you a lot of stress, and you should re-think about the fact that whether or not you are with the right partner. (2)
  • If you see two blood moons in the night sky, chances are that you might have a fight with your partner in the near future. 
  • Some people also see a gigantic blood moon hovering above their heads. This means that you will soon have to confront a big problem that you have been stalling for a long time. This could be a tough conversation with your boss, exams, or treatment of a chronic ailment. 
  • Seeing a blood moon along with the sun means that you are likely to have financial problems. (3)
  • If you see yourself holding a blood moon in your hands, it means that you will have better control and stability in your life. It is time to make detailed plans for all the unidentified variables in life. 
Blood moon view in forest.
Photo by Milan Ihl on Unsplash

Bonus: The Blood Moon Prophecy

The Blood Moon prophecy of 2013 was a particularly significant event in the history of the Blood Moon phenomenon. It was the first in a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, each occurring six months apart, that became known as a “lunar tetrad.”

A group of blood moon images in different phases.
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

This lunar tetrad was especially significant because each of the four eclipses occurred on a Jewish holiday. The first occurred on April 15, 2014, during Passover, the second on October 8, 2014, during Sukkot, the third on April 4, 2015, during Passover again, and the fourth and final eclipse occurred on September 28, 2015, during Sukkot again. (4)

This rare alignment of the lunar tetrad with Jewish holidays led to many people interpreting it as a sign of significant events or changes to come. Some people believed that it was a sign of the coming of the Messiah or the end of the world, while others saw it as a time of spiritual awakening or transformation. (5)

While some people may view the Blood Moon prophecy of 2013 as a harbinger of doom or disaster, others see it as an opportunity to reflect on the mysteries of the universe and the beauty of our planet. Ultimately, the meaning and significance of the Blood Moon prophecy of 2013, like all celestial events, is open to interpretation and speculation. Still, its enduring impact on human consciousness and imagination is undeniable.


A blood moon is quite a rare sighting which is often connected with destruction or as a bad omen. That said, while a particular thing can lead to destruction, it is important to remember that destruction is also the key to rebirth and hence another chance to improve upon our mistakes. 

Human beings go through many spiritual rebirths in their lifetime. So if you see a blood moon in your dream or somewhere else, know that it is time to reflect upon your activities and prepare for the challenges that are going to come ahead. 



Header image courtesy: Photo by Jerry Ling on Unsplash