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Top 15 Symbols of Creativity With Meanings

Top 15 Symbols of Creativity With Meanings

Creativity has been an important part of life since time immemorial. Creativity helps us think out of the box, find solutions to problems, and be original. 

Since historic times people have linked many symbols to exploring creativity. Many of these symbols have been derived from nature, different colors, and divine deities. The symbols of creativity demonstrate the importance of creative thinking and creative energy

As long as there is creativity, there is innovation and positivity. With creativity, you can look forward and progress. Creativity allows us to open our minds. When one loses touch with their creative side, society becomes imprisoned. Minds are not nourished with intellectual curiosity, and generations grow close-minded. 

This can lead to prejudices, the oppression of certain groups and an intellectually limited society. Creativity boosts collective thinking and nurtures ideas. It makes one resilient, competent, and open to change. Creativity has held importance in both historical and modern times. 

Let’s have a look at the top 15 symbols of creativity below:

1. Light bulb

Light Bulb.
Light Bulb
Image by qimono from Pixabay

The light bulb is a popular symbol of creativity. It is also used to represent a new or great idea. A light bulb also represents sudden inspiration. So how did this famous contemporary symbol come about? This symbol is based on neuroscience. 

When the human brain is stimulated, it produces electrical currents through chemical reactions. These are called neurons. Neurons process and transmit information, after which we receive insight. This process is similar to that of a light bulb.

 2. The Sun

Sun shining brightly.
Sun shining brightly
Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969 from Pixabay

The sun can be interpreted as a prompt symbol of creativity. The sun itself is one of the great luminaries and symbolizes the self. It can represent a person’s spirit and individual personality. Therefore the sun is known to encourage creativity and uniqueness. 

Just like the sun gives off light and eliminates darkness, it also gives people the strength to meet the challenges of everyday life. Just like sunlight is vital and refreshing, symbolically, the sun also controls levels of prosperity. It is the giver of energy, determination, and strength. (1)

3. Bolt of Lightning

Thunderbolt .
Image by Corinna Stoeffl from Pixabay

Lightning can be loud and scary. When you observe it in-depth, it can be described as beautiful, wild, untamed, and profound. Lightening is known not only to inspire creativity but also to represent it entirely. Since lightning is nothing but pure electricity, it also represents energy. (2)

4. Brain Symbol 

Human Brain.
Human Brain
Hugh Guiney, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The brain symbol is widely used to represent creativity. This contemporary symbol can often be seen as part of creating images or signs that represent innovation and new ideas. The brain symbol is drawn in different ways and in different, bright colors. 

At times the brain is also depicted as the interior of a light bulb, giving off light. Why is this? As humans, it’s our job to question everything around it. This is how we can create and innovate. Carrying out creative functions such as generating new ideas is the fundamental nature of the brain.

5. Rainbow

Cloudy Rainbow Field.
Cloudy Rainbow Field
Image by realsmarthome from

Colors usually hold strong symbolic power. Activists and philosophers have long since used the colors of the rainbow to challenge, explain and inspire. Rainbows have captured people’s attention greatly.

Romantics have constructed sonnets and poems on the beauty of the rainbow, while mathematicians have tried to explain how we end up viewing them. Rainbows represent creativity and change avidly. The rainbow colors have also been used as symbols of inclusivity and equality

6. Orange Color

A canvas with orange color with brushstrokes.
Dark Orange painting
Image courtesy:

Orange color is often used to represent enthusiasm, youth, and creativity. Orange is a secondary color and combines the warmth of red and the playfulness of yellow. This makes orange a vibrant color that can represent many things. It can be linked to vitamin C and represent health and vitality. 

Orange also brings fun and vibrancy to mind and can represent youthfulness and fun. It is often considered a fun, confident color. Orange can also represent the generation of new ideas, creativity, and innovation. It is a vibrant and creative color that emanates optimism and positive energy. (3)

7. Muscari 

Muscari Flower.
Muscari Flower
Opioła Jerzy (Poland)CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Muscari flower is a fragrant flower that resembles a bunch of grapes. The Muscari flowers are great for garden beds and borders. The dense planting of Muscari in the gardens of Holland is a sight to see. These gardens are also known as blue rivers

The Muscari is symbolic of power and confidence. These visually delightful flowers are also symbolic of creativity and mystery. This flower is also edible and is often utilized in Mediterranean cuisine. They are also often pickled in vinegar. (4)

8. Lupinus

Lupinus field.
Lupinus field
cassi saari, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lupine flower is native to the Mediterranean region, Australasia, America, and North Africa. These flowers resemble peas and grow in crowded racemes.

These beautiful flowers are known to attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. The Lupine flower is also known to represent active imagination, happiness, and creativity. The seeds of these flowers have been used as food since the Roman Empire. (5)

9. Verbena

Verbena Flower.
Verbena Flower
Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Verbena flower is also known as Vervain. They are tiny, beautiful flowers that grow in rounded clusters. This flower seems delicate and dainty but is hardy and resilient. They are drought and heat-resistant. 

As they look exquisite, they often symbolize sweet memories and romance. They are also known to symbolize creativity and happiness. The Verbena look delightful in rock gardens, hanging baskets, and flower beds. (6)

10. Emilia

The Emilia is also known as the Tassel flower. It appears in early fall and summer. The Emilia comes in shades of orange, red, and purple. Due to its unique shape and distinct colors, the Emilia has often symbolized creativity. 

The Emilia is also one of the ten sacred flowers of the Kerala state in India. In Kerala, this flower is known as Desapushpam. The Emilia also has medicinal qualities and is used to cure a sore throat, high blood pressure and healing wounds. (7)

11. Lotus

Red lotus flower.
Red lotus flower
Image Courtesy:

The lotus flower is ancient and powerful. It is closely connected to growth and creativity. The lotus flower also represents unity and diversity. (8) As one of the oldest known flowers, the lotus has been in existence for millions of years. 

Today the lotus flower can be found in Russia, India, Japan, Australia, and Iran. The yellow lotus is known to symbolize curiosity, creativity, and joy within spirituality. The bright blooms of the yellow lotus also represent hospitality and openness. 

12. Goddess Clio

Painting of goddess Clio.
Painting of Clio
Pierre Mignard I, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ancient Greek goddess Clio was the daughter of Zeus. Clio was the goddess of memory. She was also one of the nine goddesses of music, song, and dance. In the classical Greek era, muses were assigned to different artistic and literary spheres. 

Clio was known as the muse of history. The name Clio comes from the Greek word ‘Kleo,’ which means to celebrate or to make something famous. 

13. Goddess Erato

Painting of goddess Erato.
Painting of Erato
Simon Vouet, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Greek goddess Erato was also one of the nine goddesses of music, dance and song. Erato was the goddess of erotic poetry and mime.

The name Erato came from the Greek word ‘eratos,’ which meant ‘lovely’ or ‘beloved’. (9) Since the Renaissance period, goddess Erato is mostly shown with a wreath of myrtle and roses. There are also representations of her holding a golden arrow. 

14. Goddess Calliope

Detail of painting The Muses Urania and Calliope.
Detail of painting The Muses Urania and Calliope
Simon Vouet and workshop, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Within Greek mythology, Goddess Calliope was the muse of epic poetry and eloquence. It was thought that Calliope bestowed the gift of creative eloquence on mortal kings.

She came to them when they were little babies and would anoint their lips with honey. Calliope was considered the leader of the nine goddesses of music, dance, and song. (10)

15. Goddess Boann

Boann was the Celtic goddess of creativity and inspiration. She also symbolized fertility, inspiration, and knowledge. Boann ruled poetry, writing, and the creative arts as well.

Like flowing water clears all the debris from its path, Boann was also known to clear minds of all negativity. She opened souls so that people could receive divine inspiration.

In Celtic tradition, Boann was sought to find your creative voice and divine inspiration.


Creativity is an integral part of being human. It helps us question the things around us and allows us to interestingly explore our surroundings.

Which of these top 15 symbols of creativity were you already aware of? Let us know in the comments below. 



Header image courtesy: chenspec’s picture on Pixabay