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Top 23 Symbols of Friendship Throughout History

Top 23 Symbols of Friendship Throughout History

In cultures all around the globe, friendship is seen as the most precious and irreplaceable “thing” we can have. 

A rock-solid companionship that lends us the strength in the good along with the bad, offered by life, friendship is the essence of happiness

Friends shield us from desolation, are the anchor when we are adrift, the stars in the sky during the darkest of nights, the light at the tunnel’s end. 

Some friendships are so meaningfully profound that they hold an unshakable visage in the lives of people. These unwavering gems of commitment longingly exist as bonds forged by blood; friends are the family we choose. 

In this list, we will cover the 23 most important historical symbols of friendship across different world cultures.


Wearables are symbols in themselves. We show our dedication to what they represent by wearing them. 

Not unlike those marrying wearing wedding bands or rings, friends everywhere in the world show their undying commitment to one another by donning different symbols of friendship as either wearable accessories, clothing, or tattoos, or in the form of keepsakes or gifts. 

1. Friendship Bracelet 

Two friends wearing friendship bracelets holding hands.
Two friends wearing friendship bracelets holding hands
Image courtesy:

For Americans, the friendship bracelet or the friendship band stands uncontested as the most obvious and recognizable representations of friendship. 

The value of these bands stems from the fact that they are often handcrafted. It is believed that with the band tied around your hand, you have to wish on something for it to come true. 

If the band falls off normally—given that the strings that bind it have not been undone—the wish is bound to still come true! 

They also say it is a misfortune for the band to fall off, too. Never take it off intentionally, because that signifies that the friendship is over or has ended. 

Friendship bracelets are formed with macrame, a workmanship of textile that began in the southern parts of the US. 

They began to trend in the US between the 70s and 80s, mostly for use in rebellions and protest movements.

2. Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings among purple hydrangeas.
Claddagh rings among purple hydrangeas
Mégane Percier via Pixabay

The Claddagh ring, of Celtic origin, is another uncontested symbol of dedication and friendship. Legend has it that it was created in the seventeenth era by a youthful Irish captured by pirates in the Mediterranean Sea to be sold as a slave. 

During his slavery, he became a goldsmith after training as one. When the King arranged for his release and freedom, he came back to Ireland, having made the first Claddagh Ring. 

He gifted it to his lover. The lady who had stood by in wait for him, loyally, for every one of the fourteen years of his slavery. 

From that point forward, this ring has been broadly utilized in Ireland as a wedding band—a legacy regularly passed on for generations as an image of undying loyalty

3. Tattoos 

Two friends holding fingers with tattoos on them.
Two friends holding fingers with tattoos on them
Image courtesy:

Any rundown relating to symbols of friendship, companionship, and adoration and would be incomplete without tattoos. 

Most believe tattoos signify roguishness and rebellion. However, that is not always the case.

Since tattoos are a forever-lasting engraving on bodies, they are the ultimate proclamation of one’s forever-lasting commitment and dedication to another. 

People use, from a long array of choices, tattoos of all shapes, sizes, and kinds to declare their devotion to their soulmate or praise friendships. 

Probably the most well-known combination tattoo is the two pieces of a solitary picture. In fact, a number of upcoming symbols and elements of friendship on this list — their imagery, to be exact — are used in the form of tattoos lasting declarations of friendships. 

Flowers and plants

Not all friendship symbols are supposed to last. Neither do they have to be permanently etched on one’s skin. 

They can also, sometimes, be dainty reminding agents sent from one individual to another of their unwavering loyalty and faithfulness. 

Now and again, they are little, brief updates starting with one individual then onto the next of the adoration and dependability among them.

Flowers, and some very few plants, are two such reminders

4. Yellow Roses

Single yellow rose.
Single yellow rose
Image courtesy:

In contrast to red and roses of other colors like white and pink, which can have sentimental or other underlying meaning, yellow ones are about fellowship.

Sharing the happy shade of daylight, yellow roses depict warmth and direct, straightforward love

The color yellow, itself, is associated with meanings and representations of friendship, companionship, camaraderie, unwavering commitment, loyalty, and dedication. 

Victorian periods are known for the time when bloom game plans were exceptionally adapted to send specific messages, they conveyed meanings of envy or a disappearing relationship.

The happiness depicted by the yellow rose, notwithstanding, defeated these negative notions. But these roses are attributed to warm friendships, the beginning of new, and heartfelt wishes. 

5. Chrysanthemums

A bunch of Chrysanthemums.
A bunch of Chrysanthemums
Image courtesy:

White and daintily beautiful, daisy-like chrysanthemums have for some time been related with idealism, euphoria, and wants of well being and satisfaction. 

At the point when gifted to a companion, they represent great wishes and happiness. In China and Japan, their names translate, generally, to “flower of gold.” 

In these societies, the chrysanthemums for quite some time have been a significant portrayal of companionship and dedication. 

Properly, the chrysanthemums typically connected to friendship hold importance for a bigger bunch of flowers named chrysanthemum, or simply, now and again, mums

Much like a strong friendship, the chrysanthemums are strong, too. They additionally come in various shapes, tones, and sizes, much the same as friendships do in endless assortments.

6. Lotus flower

White lotus flower.
White lotus flower
 Mike via Pexels

Photo Credit:

The Lotus Flower grows in the depth of mud, far away from the sun. In any case, sooner or then again later, the Lotus arrives at the light turning into the most wonderful bloom ever. 

The Lotus bloom holds a lot of respect in a wide array of geographic sectors, especially in the east, as an image of virtue, self-recovery and revival. 

Its attributes are an ideal similarity for man’s psyche: in any case, when the base lies in polluted water, the Lotus becomes the most delightful flower.

This is why the Lotus is often attributed to friendship; having a friend in the most adverse of times to rise above later as prosperous and successful. Above all, happy. Lotus tattoos are also what friends often prefer. 

7. Jade Plant

Jade Plant.
Jade Plant
Image by Glenn Lucas from Pixabay

Local to Mozambique and Southern Africa, succulents known as the jade plants are referred to around the globe as forebearers of luck and companionship. 

They are frequently given as blessings for wishing luck for nascent undertakings, or an incoming year. A blossoming jade is a particularly powerful symbol of fellowship. 

They say that when this plant does not bloom, it brings misfortune or ends budding friendships. The plant’s delightful, lively green leaves represent development and recharging as they look like jade stones, which are additionally a symbol of abundance and thriving. 

They are so well-known in light of the fact that they are anything but difficult to keep up and care for – and, obviously, the luck they may bring to lives.


Since friendships are absolutely fulfilling connections, it is very popular among the superstitious that it can easily be jinxed and is vulnerable to jealousy and misfortune. 

Which is why certain gemstones are worn as rings to ward off possible elements that may adversely affect friendship.

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli locket.
Lapis Lazuli locket
Image by teaad012 from Pixabay

This is a dark blue gem that from a very long time has been an image of companionship. They have been mined in the old mountains of Afghanistan for almost 7000 years, and individuals have consistently been captivated by the shading and representative attributes of this stone. 

It is formed to be utilized as adornments yet additionally cut into utilitarian or craftsmanship displays. 

It is fitting that this stone represents truth also and companionship; both things are firmly related. The most grounded, longest-enduring companionships are the only ones that are legitimate. 

We depend on our companions to come clean. The individuals who remain by our side in various challenges, and consistently reveal the truth like the stone entails, are our actual companions. These companions are deserving of a tribute as old and profound as this stone.

9. Topaz

Topaz locket with box.
Topaz locket with box
Image by Ирина Кудрявцева from Pixabay

Topaz also represents friendship. Though lapis lazuli centers around strength, depth, and genuineness in a fellowship, topaz represents constancy. 

A solid friendship requires responsibility and dedication. Contentions, mistaken assumptions, and separation occur in commitments, yet a steadfast companion is someone who will never abandon your side and sort these troubles with you much like what the stone entails. 

The term topaz generally covers numerous kinds of yellow, orange, and earthy colored jewels. Some antiquated references to topaz likewise demonstrate a greenish stone. 

As far as legends go, despite the fact that topazes can be green, these sources undoubtedly allude to Peridot. Until the nineteenth century, the two peridots and yellow-green chrysoberyls were known as chrysolites.

To add somewhat more disarray, chrysolite likewise signifies “golden stone.” They are all a family of stones, hence signifying similar meaning: friendship. 


Many friendship symbols are not objects but composed or drawn portrayals.

10. Infinity

Infinity symbol.
Infinity symbol
MarianSigler, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The infinity and its symbolism have advanced into mainstream society. In fact, it used to speak to the numerical idea of limitlessness, the interlocked bends with no start and no closure an appealing image of one’s deepest desires for one’s connections. 

The infinity symbol is likewise simple to adjust, since the linear segment of the drawings is supplied with critical words, expressions, or any text to customize the image.

Now and again, companionship offers ascension to emotions that are solid to such an extent that they appear to be inconceivable, elusive. 

The symbol of infinitude typifies a portion of that profound and enduring association.

To friends, it signifies a never-ending bond of dedication and loyalty. 

11. Ese Ne Tekrema

Ese Ne Tekrema symbol.
Ese Ne Tekrema symbol
Illustration 167291482 ©

This is an Adinkra image of friendship that in a real sense means ‘the teeth and the tongue.’

It is a friendship symbol of the Asante (in Ghana) individuals that fill in as a pictorial portrayal of the tongue and the teeth which have various jobs yet are reliant on each other. 

They coincide inside the mouth and some of the time come into clashes, yet they remain together notwithstanding.

The Ese Ne Tekrema, hence, represents closeness, common help, and long-lasting duty between companions.

12. Qīnyǒu (Chinese) / Shin’yū (Japanese)

Yǒuyì (有意) Symbol.
Qīnyǒu Symbol (Chinese) /Shin’yū (Japanese)
Image courtesy:

The two-character image which spells “relatives and friends” in Chinese and also spells “close friends” in Japanese.

A few people may decide to have it on as tattoos, with their closest companion’s name composed with it, to give it a more close-to-home touch. 

Some may decide to have it engraved on a bit of gem to heft around with them consistently.


Friendship and commitment have a number of ways to manifest themselves. Some symbolism can be found in animals, too.

13. Turtle doves

Turtle Doves.
Turtle Doves
Image courtesy:

Turtle doves symbolize friendship and love. Keep one, and give the other to an extraordinary individual. 

Turtle doves represent love and loyalty since they mate forever, cooperate to fabricate homes, and raise their young together. 

In Leviticus 12:8, two doves supplanted a sheep penance. Mary and Joseph relinquished two turtle doves in Jerusalem at Christ’s introduction to the world.

Turtle Doves are more commonly known by the Christmas tree ornaments that are used for decoration. 

14. Dogs

Dog staring out truck window.
Dog staring out truck window
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The dog medication is dependability, unwavering quality, nobleness, reliability, unrestricted love, savage energy of assurance, and most importantly: friendship. 

Individuals who have Dogs are generally helping other people or serving mankind here and there and have a profound agreement and sympathy for human weaknesses; a quality dogs have, too. 

Dogs serve sacrificially, never requesting their support to be applauded or anything consequently. They are touchy and insightful. From them, we can get familiar with the genuine significance of unlimited love and absolution. 

Homegrown dogs are dependable allies to people with a solid sense of serving. Their capacity to cherish in any event is unbelievable.

Mystic blessings have been related with dogs due to their ability to get on inconspicuous energy frequencies for the most part obscure to humankind. 

Dogs can feel for example if a tremor is going to happen, and can lead us to wellbeing. Dogs are the perfect symbol of friendship. 

15. Dolphin

Dolphin underwater.
Dolphin underwater
Claudia Beer via Pixabay . 

Considered the “king of fish” by numerous antiquated societies, dolphin significance is firmly connected with royal characteristics. 

Not the ruling kind. Watch the dolphin for any period of time and you know that if dolphins controlled the world they would be charitable in their rule. 

Also, that is the center topic to dolphin importance: Grace

Dolphins today are associated with friendliness and their playfulness. They are a perfect symbol of friendship when seen being showcased at aquarium pools for all to see and play with.

16. Horse

Side view of horse.
Side view of a horse
 Marcelo Chagas via Pexels

The horse’s significance to man cannot be underlined enough. As a wellspring of sustenance, just as a working creature and pet, the fundamental function of the horse has been combined throughout the long term. 

Likewise, the pony has a long custom of being utilized as an imaginative subject. Effectively in ancient Greece, the Horse was an image of magnificence, strength, honor, and friendship which made.

During the Renaissance, aristocrats, heroes, and rulers were frequently depicted as equestrians with amazing steeds at their sides. 

The pony was a picture of honor, courage, and future triumphs. The force that the animal transmitted sprang over on its riders despite the fact that the equestrian who restrained the amazing creature was the more grounded of the two.

17. Wolf

White wolf poised atop stone.
White wolf poised atop stone
Photo by Steve from Pexels

The wolf offers probably the most striking creature implications in the domain of soul creatures. The intensity of the wolf delivers nature, knowledge, craving for opportunity, and familiarity with the significance of social associations. 

This creature can likewise represent dread of being compromised and absence of trust. At the point when the wolf appears in your life, focus on what your instinct is telling you.

However, in some places, wolves are great companions and offer friendship not unlike that of a dog.


Some other manifestations found of the symbolism of friendship can be found in the following: 

18. Interlocking hearts

Interlocking hearts tattoo.
Interlocking hearts tattoo
Stiller Beobachter from Ansbach, Germany, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Two hearts that are interlocked with each other is an image that is seen in various variations. 

It is accepted that in any event, when companions are separated, they hold a bit of one another’s hearts with them. 

This image of friendship is normally made into drawings, worn as tattoos, or made into refined gems with every companion having a bit of the heart, to represent that regardless of how far separated they might be, they will consistently be reinforced.

19. Arrows of Friendship

Friendship arrows / Dreamcatcher Charm With Crossed Arrows.
Friendship arrows / Dreamcatcher Charm With Crossed Arrows
Illustration 87396683 © Evgenii

Signs and images are regularly utilized by Native Americans from age to age to impart their rich culture, history, thoughts, and dreams. 

The bolt image of friendship is one of the most well-known ways through which they do this. Contingent upon the situation or game plan, the bolt image can mean various things at various occasions e.g., a bolt highlighting the left implies averting evil while a bolt highlighting the privilege indicates harmony

Nonetheless, two bolts crossed at the middle are prominently used to speak to companionship or the uniting of two families or two distinct individuals. 

It additionally represents profound responsibility. It is a friendship symbol that is generally engraved as tattoos by two companions to show their solid will to hold and reinforce the obligation of their bond. 

It is likewise utilized in sentimental connections and in any event, during weddings.

20. Apple Tree

Budding apples on a tree.
Budding apples on a tree
Image courtesy:

Friendship requires shared speculation of time and energy. Be that as it may, done appropriately and in the correct condition, the tree and friendship prove to be fruitful. Which is why apple trees are a modern symbol of friendship.  

21. Lighthouse

Lighthouse giving off light at night.
Lighthouse giving off light at night
 Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

Some people, in general, can be amazingly scatterbrained and befuddled and depend on companions for direction through troublesome life choices. 

Friends here are simply like a lighthouse giving off a light beam and along with it: bearings and signs to an approaching vessel.


Of the five zodiac signs that are simply naturally inviting and are the most effortless to befriend, and have the most noteworthy capability of turning out to be besties forever, here are two:

22. Sagittarius

Zodiac divination chart. Sagittarius.
Zodiac divination chart
Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay

Sagittarius are among the best at blending in the zodiac. They radiate eagerness, and this invigorates others, making it simple to draw in complete outsiders in to the discussion. 

Sagittarius are liberal, with a feeling of trustworthiness and earnestness, which quickly comes through in discussion. 

These attributes, alongside a hopeful mentality, firmly draw others towards them. Individuals see Sagittarius as somebody enjoyable to keep company with — everybody needs to be friends with a Sagittarius!

23. Libra

Woman holding mug with libra zodiac sign.
Woman holding mug with libra zodiac sign
Photo by Anderson Miranda from Pexels

Libra are among the most social of zodiac signs. Their accommodating nature makes them entirely congenial. They love to impart, and they have a characteristic appeal that rapidly charms them to other people. 

This is upgraded by their propensity for being true, generally excellent audience members. They cause others to feel significant, and treat everybody reasonably. 

Libra has the sort of qualities everybody wants in a long-lasting companion.

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We hope you enjoyed going through our top 23 symbols of friendship. Can you think of any signs that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!