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Top 16 Symbols of New Beginnings With Meanings

Top 16 Symbols of New Beginnings With Meanings

The concept of new beginnings is a special one. It is something that needs to be celebrated, no matter how small or big it is. A new beginning could entail anything, from someone getting married to getting a new job, starting school, having a baby or moving homes.

That being said, a new beginning doesn’t always have to be marked by an event in one’s life. It can also be something simple like just deciding to change yourself or to become a better version of yourself.

So, for instance, you can wake up one day and decide to have a new beginning or a fresh start. Maybe you’ve gotten rid of some of your bad habits or maybe you’re starting afresh mentally.

It is because the concept of a new beginning is so positive and encouraging that there are many symbols that are used to represent it. These symbols are unique and used in many different cultures and religions all over the world.

Some of them are universal while others are confined to specific cultures and religions. Many of them have been used since the early days while some are relatively modern ones.

What makes these symbols so intriguing is that there is a story or concept behind each one of them. From objects of nature to shapes, numbers and colors, various symbols are used to represent new beginnings. 

Below are 16 of the most important symbols of new beginnings:

1. New Moon (Universal)

A picture of a crescent against a black background
Zeynel Cebeci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The moon is known to represent many things in different cultures and even religions. The phases of the moon depict the moving of time. Every month, there’s a new moon that brings with it hope and the chance for a fresh start.

It’s a new phase of the moon, which marks the start of a new lunar cycle hence portraying a new phase in one’s life.

The new moon is also one that’s beautiful and it offers you a chance to reflect and make any changes to your life that you would like to make. It’s a fresh start and a new beginning for all.

Use this time to set new intentions, meditate and remove the toxicity of the past and welcome the new start. In some cultures, people even propel the energy of the new moon with some rituals, in the hope of trying to reach their goals. 

2. Rainbow (Universal)

A picture of a rainbow and cloudy sky 
Image by realsmarthome from

Just like after rain comes a rainbow, so too in your life there will come a rainbow after your most difficult times. This rainbow represents newness and positivity. It is a new beginning for you and a chance to change your life.

The colors of the rainbow are vibrant and promise better times to come. That is the reason why this symbol has so popularly been used in Western art as a symbol of new beginnings. Many people also see it as a sign of a new beginning when they spot one. 

The rainbow has widely been used as a symbol for social change in movements all over the world and we’re not just talking about the LGBT movement here. Starting from the 1960s, it was used as a symbol in flags at the time of the peace marches in Italy and it is used to date for different movements.

3. Birch Tree (Celtic culture)

A picture of birch trees among a lake
Birch trees
Image by AlainAudet

The Birch Tree is considered to be one of the holiest trees in Celtic culture. Its silver bark can peel from the tree just like paper symbolizing new beginnings. In the past, this tree was used to make Maypoles to celebrate the festival of new beginnings called Beltane, as well as other Celtic festivals, such as Celtic festivities like Samhain and Imbolc.

In some areas, this tree is known as a pioneer tree, because it’s one of the first trees that grow in the woodlands even after natural disasters.

This sacred tree depicts hope and rebirth. It is a symbol of new beginnings. Many people even use it in their homes to get rid of negative energy. For Native Americans, the tree is a symbol of truth and getting rid of the past to create a new beginning. 

4. Number Eight (Christianity)

The number 8 on a road.
Number 8
Image from

The number eight holds special significance in Biblical numerology, as well as in other religions. In Christianity, it is known to depict new beginnings for a variety of reasons.

For starters, it is believed in the religion that God took 7 days to create the world so the eighth day was the first after creation, highlighting a new beginning. They also believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead to eternal life on the eighth day; hence, it represents rebirth.

To add to that, Noah also saved eight people from the flood, so again it is symbolic of a new beginning. 

5. Butterflies (Universal)

A picture of a butterfly sitting on flowers
Captain-tuckerCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The butterfly evolves from a caterpillar to the most beautiful winged creature. This is why its metamorphosis is symbolic of new beginnings, rebirth and change. It highlights the process of transformation that every individual goes through.

From being land creatures they adapt to and become ones that can fly signifying a new beginning for them. Just like that, we too can fly high and reach whatever heights we wish to! It is because of this symbolism that the butterfly is a common tattoo amongst people.

They wish to be inspired by the butterfly and as a reminder to them that there is always a chance for a new beginning. 

6. Sunrise (Universal) 

A picture of a sunrise by the sea
Jessica Ruscello jruscello, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The sunrise is what brings with it a brand new day; a day that comes with many new hopes and opportunities. Each day is a new day, a new beginning so you have a chance to do what you would like to and make it better than the one before.

That is why many times in movies when they want to show a new beginning, they often show a sunrise as a depiction of that. If you have ever watched the sunrise, you’ll know that it comes with a lot of positive energy, its light is soft and it gently welcomes the new day.

It is very calming to watch and gives you hope, letting you know that the past is in the past and you have a brand new day to focus on. No matter what, the sun will rise every single day, which is why it is a reminder for you not to give up on your hopes and dreams because there will always be light and every day is a new beginning. 

Sunrise is a very special time of the day that many people especially wake just to watch it. A lot of people also exercise and meditate during this time because they feel like there’s a lot more power at that time of the day.

7. Daffodils (Universal)

Photo by Maria Tyutina from Pexels

There’s a reason that this flower is given so much importance not only is it beautiful but it carries with it a lot of symbolism. Many famous poets and writers have paid attention to this gorgeous flower as you may have noticed while reading literature.

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom when spring arrives as a clear sign that winter is over. This is why they represent new beginnings, renewal and rebirth, celebrating what’s to come.

The fact that they are yellow in color also highlights their symbolism as yellow is a color of happiness and positivity. It is because of this that daffodils are very often gifted to people who are set out on a new chapter of their lives whether it’s marriage, a new job, a baby, moving houses etc. 

8. The Koru (Maori culture)

A picture of a koru in nature.
Jon Radoff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is known to be one of the most common Maori symbols. It is centered upon the image of an unfurling fern sprout. The fact that it is circular in shape portrays the circle of life and the fact that it is constantly moving.

The inner coil of this symbol is indicative of the point of origin. The fact that it keeps growing is symbolic of new beginnings. The leaves of this plant are also known to mark the beginning of a new calendar.

When one fern sprout dies, another replaces it, which is symbolic of growth and new beginnings. This symbol has gained popularity all over the world and not only is it used in art but it is also well-loved as a tattoo and jewelry piece.

9. Dove (Universal)

A picture of a dove in flight.
Flying dove
Image courtesy:

The white dove is a popular symbol for peace and new beginnings all over the world in different cultures and religions. This isn’t something new and has been there for thousands of years.

You may find them in various rituals and ceremonies including weddings, as it is symbolic of the new chapter in their lives. It is a bird that is serene and looking at it flying will automatically calm you down and give you hope.

It is of special importance to the Christians as it is mentioned in the bible right after the great flood as Noah releases a white dove into the air, which comes back with an olive branch.

The olive branch signified that the waters were going back and that everything would be okay. This is why the dove came to be known as a symbol of new beginnings. 

10. Lotus (Universal)

A picture of a lotus flower on water.
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

The Lotus is one of the most symbolic plants in the world. It isn’t only significant in one culture or religion but throughout many. This gorgeous flower symbolizes many different things from rebirth and new beginnings to beauty and resilience

The concept behind this symbolism of the Lotus is that it is grown in mud but gradually builds its way up to the surface as the most beautiful flower. No matter what growing conditions it’s faced with, the Lotus continues to grow. It is symbolic of a new day, a new beginning and that no matter what you’re going through you can rise above it just like the Lotus. 

According to the ancient Egyptians, this flower had the power to bring the deceased back to life. It is also mentioned in many ancient scriptures such as the bible and holds significance in some religions such as Buddhism. The Buddhists believe that everywhere the baby Buddha set foot on, a Lotus bloomed. 

It is a symbol of rebirth and is a popular symbol in works of art, tattoos and other designs. 

11. Sakura (Japan)

A picture of cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms
Norbert WeberCC BY-SA 3`.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Sakura or the Cherry Blossom symbolizes new beginnings and growth. These gorgeous blooms make their way at the start of spring and are known to be one of the earliest spring blooms.

They bring with them hope and a chance for a new beginning. The cherry blossom season is in sync with the fiscal as well as calendar years in Japan, therefore, signifying the coming of new beginnings. It could be the first day of school for a child or an employee’s first day of work, etc.  

12. Inguz rune (Old world) 

Carve Inguz rune symbol.
Inguz rune
Armando Olivo Martín del Campo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Inguz rune symbol is based on the runic alphabet which was the original writing system used by the Germans. The Inguz rune is known to symbolize fertility, growth and new beginnings.

This symbol is believed to possess great power which is why many use it as a way to mark a new chapter of their lives. Inguz portrays the fact that we can always make the change we wish to make and that should be our means of strength to get on with life. It highlights the fact that we need to focus on the present moment.

13. Phoenix (Universal)

A picture of a phoenix in flames
A phoenix 
Image courtesy:

This mythical creature is the perfect symbol of rebirth and new beginnings all over the world. The phoenix bursts into flames and then rises from its ashes representing growth and a fresh start.

Just like the Phoenix, whenever we burn out we need to remind ourselves that we too can start over, better than before. It is the ultimate symbol of transformation and growth and is therefore popularly used to represent it. This is why you’ve probably seen it used as a tattoo and as a prime example of growth and rebirth.

14. Wave (Universal)

A blue wave in the sea.
Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969 from

A wave represents the constant ebb and flow of life. Just like the waves never stop, the same is the case with life, no matter what it is constantly moving. It is a great example of transformation, of the constant movement of life.

With each wave comes a new opportunity, a chance to be better than before so you must not lose hope and keep going.

This symbol too has become a popular tattoo over the years, not only does it look trendy but it is also an excellent reminder that you can always have the new beginning that you are seeking.

15. Eggs (Old World)

An egg in a nest in the middle of nature
An egg
Image by JerzyGorecki from

Eggs are known to be a symbol of new beginnings. In many cultures, eggs are seen to be a symbol of new life. For example, according to the ancient Egyptians, an egg was seen as the origin of the world. In many other cultures such as ancient Greek or Rome, colorful eggs were hung to celebrate the coming of the New Year. 

This concept is also adopted by various religions such as Christianity where the egg is seen to be a representation of fertility and new beginnings. They are essentially what nurtures life. This is also one of the reasons why they are such an integral part of Easter

16. Green Color (Universal) 

Shades of green.
The color Green as a symbols of new beginnings
Image Courtesy:

The color green is one that is most commonly linked to spring and nature, thereby signifying rebirth and new beginnings. This color represents hope and freshness and the start of something great.

Just like nature is always on the go and never stops, such is the case with life that goes on and on. The color itself is calming to look at and radiates positivity. It is even a color that holds significance in many cultures and religions.

For example, in Hinduism green is seen as the color of the heart chakra, which is known to be the core of life. The Chinese associate this color with the rising sun, which goes down only to come back afresh. Therefore this color holds great value and is a great example of rebirth and new beginnings. 


We bet you didn’t know half of these before, did you? Each of these 16 symbols has its own charm and significance. They beautifully represent new beginnings and are great reminders for us that nothing ever stays the same so you have the chance to start afresh.

They are used in a variety of ways from works of art to pieces of jewelry and tattoos to religious symbols and symbols for social change.

The next time you see any of these symbols you’ll know what they mean!

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