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Top 23 Symbols of Wealth & Their Meanings

Top 23 Symbols of Wealth & Their Meanings

In one way or another, we are all chasing wealth in this world, and there’s no doubt that it is important.

Many of us equate happiness and success in life with wealth, and that only further adds to the motivation to collect as much wealth as possible. If only it were that easy, though. 

For most of us, obtaining the wealth that we desire is no easy feat. There are many, many hurdles in the way which can set you back, put you under losses, and take you further away from your goals.

For some, wealth equals money and riches. For others, wealth can be defined in other ways, such as how healthy one is, how full their life is of relationships, and so on. For some, wealth can translate into fame. 

Regardless of what wealth means to you, there’s no escaping the truth that wealth is difficult to obtain, and all of us can use a bit of help.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 23 most important symbols of wealth to give you some inspiration and motivation. 

1. Chan Chu (China)

A money toad as a symbol of wealth.
A money toad figurine
Image courtesy:

Chan Chu, also referred to as Jin Chan, money frog or money toad, is a popular symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.

It is considered a feng shui charm that will bring prosperity and success. This frog or toad is often depicted with three legs, sitting upon a pile of gold or coins, with red eyes and a coin coming out of its mouth. 

The myth surrounding this creature goes something like this: the toad appears on a full moon near houses or businesses that are about to receive good news, which is usually in the form of riches and wealth.

That’s why feng shui principles dictate that you never keep this frog positioned towards the main door as it signals the flow of money, which could flow out of the house. 

2. Pixiu (China)

A pair of Pixiu as a symbol of wealth.
A pair of Pixiu
Sol lc, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From the same Chinese culture and feng shui tradition comes another symbol of wealth, which is the Pixiu.

According to legend, this mythical beast is the ninth son of the heavenly dragon and has a unique appearance. Its body is a mix of a dragon’s, horse’s, and lion’s body. 

It is said to have a strong appetite for gold, silver, and jewels, and as such, it is a powerful symbol of wealth that helps attract riches from everywhere.

More importantly, it only attracts wealth and does not let it go away. Today, people often include the Pixui symbol in figurines, bracelets, and other jewelry.

It’s also helpful for people who are going through a bad year. 

3. Maneki Neko (Japan)

A lucky cat figure as a symbol of wealth.
A lucky cat figurine
Alain Pham alain_pham, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

A lot of people must have seen a figurine of Maneki Neko, but few recognize it for what it is: a symbol of wealth.

Maneki Neko, also known as lucky cat, fortune cat, money cat, is a symbol that originates from Japan

It shows a sitting cat with one paw raised, which is meant to symbolize the cat welcoming any wealth and riches coming its way.

This is why many Asians place this cat at the entrance of their shops, to attract more wealth and success.

Some people believe a raised right paw is meant to attract money while the left one is for customers.

Either way, it acts as a magnet for wealth and prosperity, and many people often use it as keychains or even as piggy banks at home. 

4. Laughing Buddha (China)

A laughing Buddha statue as a symbol of wealth.
Three laughing Buddha statues
Image by stux from Pixabay

Another popular symbol from China is the laughing Buddha. This is literally a statue of a Buddha that is laughing.

Just looking at the cheery face of this laughing Buddha is enough to put you in a good mood.

However, according to Chinese tradition, if you rub the belly of the Buddha, you can invite wealth, happiness, and luck into your life. 

When you are specifically in search of wealth in your life, make sure to find a laughing Buddha that is sitting on a pile of gold or has a sack of gold beside it.

Moreover, according to Feng Shui principles, try to keep the Buddha in the wealthy part of your home to attract the same kind of luck. 

5. Money Plant (China)

A money plant as a symbol of wealth.
A money plant pot
Image courtesy:

The money plant is a common plant in many households all over the world as it is easy to grow and adds a touch of greenery to the home as well.

However, in Chinese culture, the plant serves as yet another symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Also called the Chinese money plant or feng shui money tree, this plant is said to bring money and riches to the owner. 

According to an old story, there was once a man who was very poor. He wished for more money and came across someone selling this money tree.

Using the little money he had, he bought the money tree, only to discover that it had seeds inside with which he could grow and sell more saplings and make a lot of money.

6. Salmon (Native American)

A salmon as a symbol of wealth.
Salmon jumping in the river.
Photo by Brandon on Unsplash

For Native American tribes, the salmon was a crucial symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Basically, salmon was an important source of nutrition for them, and therefore, if someone had a lot of salmon, they were guaranteed survival and even success.

As a result, the fish became a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and the natives would even hold ceremonies to honor it.

You can still find salmon in a lot of Native American artwork today. 

7. Peonies (Universal)

Peonies as a symbol of wealth.
A bunch of peonies
Photo by Daria Gordova on Unsplash

If you are looking for something a bit more general to gift someone or even yourself, peonies make a great choice.

You might have thought that flowers are only good for professing your romantic feelings to someone.

On the contrary, they can be just as effective at wishing someone luck and prosperity as well. 

Peonies, in particular, are excellent for this purpose as they symbolize good fortune, riches, and prosperity.

What’s more, they also represent a happy marriage and compassion, in case someone is searching for that in their life. In Japan, the flowers can represent bravery and honor as well.

8. The FA Rune (Norse)

The FA Rune.
The FA Rune
ClaesWallin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Back to the ancient and traditional, this next symbol of wealth is from Norse mythology.

The FA rune comes from the runic alphabets that were used by the Germanic people before they adopted the Latin alphabet. 

The root word FA can mean a lot of things, and according to one particular translation, the rune can mean sheep or cattle.

In previous times, having a lot of cattle or sheep was seen as a sign of wealth and success.

Moreover, the rune can also mean property, fertility, and growth, all of which are also closely associated with wealth. 

9. Chinese Symbol Lu (China)

Chinese Lu Symbol.
Chinese Lu Symbol
Illustration 84363769 © Doddis |

During the feudal times in China, the Lu symbol represented the salary and benefits of a government official.

Today, it is used to symbolize wealth and riches, more commonly by the older generation.

Moreover, it is said that if you put the symbol inside a circle, it becomes even more effective as the circle represents a coin which is a kind of wealth. 

The Lu symbol is usually one of the three symbols used together to wish someone good luck.

The three symbols are Lu, Fu, and Shou. The Fu symbol represents blessings, while the Shou symbol represents longevity and health.

It is a common tradition to use all three symbols together and include them in paintings, calligraphy, etc. 

10. Horseshoe (Universal)

A horseshoe as a symbol of wealth.
A horseshoe
Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

The horseshoe is present in many traditions all over the world. Various cultures have their own story regarding the horseshoe.

However, almost everywhere, the horseshoe represents good luck and good tidings for the owner. 

According to one story involving the devil and Saint Dunstan, the devil promised never to enter a house that had a horseshoe hanging outside it.

In medieval times, knights rode on their horses, and once the iron was lost, the peasants or farmers could help them with a new horseshoe and earn some coins. 

Similarly, there are many stories from different places. However, for the horseshoe to be effective, it has to be found by chance, and you should always hang it in the U shape to invite good luck and wealth.

11. Pyrite (Universal)

Pyrite as a symbol of wealth.
Pieces of pyrite
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Different gemstones hold a lot of meaning as well. The pyrite stone is said to symbolize wealth and status.

Just looking at the stone, you are reminded of gold, which is a sign of wealth as well, and why the stone is called fool’s gold.

As a result, pyrite helps bring success, riches, and prosperity with its gold-like energy.

Traditionally, pyrite has also commonly been used by kings and other royals to show their high and wealthy status.

Other than that, pyrite is also associated with protection and helps ward off negative energy from the wearer. 

12. Kuber Yantra (Hinduism)

Statue of Kuber, lord of wealth in Hinduism.
Statue of Kuber, lord of wealth in Hinduism
Photo 111277542 © Klodien |

The Kuber Yantra symbol originates from one of the oldest religions on earth, Hinduism. In Hinduism, Lord Kuber is the god of wealth and abundance.

The Kuber Yantra is a geometric design or diagram that is used to worship Lord Kuber and, as a result, bring wealth and riches into your life. 

It helps by introducing new sources of income and opening new avenues for wealth to flow into the worshipper’s home.

This is why many people keep the Kuber Yantra in their offices, house temples, and other places where they might conduct financial transactions. 

13. Hex Signs (Dutch)

A 12-pointed compass rose on a hex sign.
A 12-pointed compass rose on a hex sign
Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hex signs are a popular form of Dutch folk art, and you might have seen it as décor in many homes and shops.

However, what these people may not know is that these signs are a symbol of wealth as well.

Beyond the symmetrical design and artwork, hex signs symbolize abundance and good luck, particularly when they contain the colors like green and orange, which represent success and abundance. 

Hex signs usually consist of a pattern with five or eight points. It can feature different shapes like stars or even different animals like birds and cows.

These signs are also used for protection, spirituality, and health. 

14. Water Fountain (China)

A water fountain as a symbol of wealth.
A water fountain
Photo by Michael M on Unsplash

Water fountains with their constant flowing of water are often thought to symbolize life, as it keeps flowing just like the water.

However, according to feng shui principles, the water fountain can be an important symbol of wealth as well and, consequently, is often found in key positions around the house. 

The flow of the water can represent wealth and money flowing into your life too. When placing a water fountain in your home, place it near the entrance of the house with the direction of the water flow towards your house.

An incorrectly placed water fountain can be just as dangerous as well.

15. Ox (China)

An ox as a symbol of wealth.
An ox in the wild
Photo by Octopus _landes on Unsplash

The ox is a significant animal in Chinese culture for many reasons. It represents the second year in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar.

Furthermore, it also acts as a powerful symbol of wealth. The ox represents wealth, fortune, and success. 

Consequently, many people believe that people who were born in the year of the ox (2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, and so on) have better chances at achieving success and accumulating wealth, just from being born in the year of the ox. 

16. Arowana (China)

An Arowana fish as a symbol of wealth.
An Arowana fish in an aquarium
Image by zoosnow from Pixabay

Yet another symbol of wealth from China, the Arowana fish also has strong associations with good luck and fortune.

Also known as the dragon fish or golden dragon, the Arowana plays an important role in feng shui principles to ensure that you keep inviting wealth and prosperity in your life and home. 

The fish bestows riches and success on its owner and even protects them from any misfortune. One of the reasons why this fish is considered so lucky is that it resembles a dragon which is a very revered creature in Chinese tradition. 

17. Ladybugs (Universal)

A ladybug as a symbol of wealth.
A ladybug on a leaf
Image courtesy:

Similar to the horseshoe, ladybugs are also considered a symbol of wealth or good luck in many cultures.

If you happen to see a ladybug or one comes in your way, people believe that it is a sign that you will receive great fortune and success soon. 

In other parts of the world, it is believed that ladybugs are a sign of health and will take away all your ailments.

Some people believe a ladybug signifies marriage. Similarly, intentionally killing a ladybug can invite misfortune as well.

Nevertheless, the small and cheery bug usually brings good tidings, so keep an eye out for it. 

18. Lakshmi (Hinduism)

Lakshmi as a symbol of wealth.
A painting of Lakshmi
Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Lakshmi is a popular and well-known figure, even outside of Hinduism. However, for Hindus specifically, Lakshmi is an important part of their lives.

Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune, wealth, luxury, beauty, and much more. According to Hindu beliefs, Lakshmi promises wealth and good fortune to those who sincerely worship her. 

Many of her portraits depict her with two, four, or even six hands, and these hands are often raised as if ready to bless her worshippers with riches and prosperity.

Her statues and pictures often show her sitting on a lotus flower and with gold ornaments, which are also symbols of wealth.

19. Lotus Flower (Universal)

A lotus flower as a symbol of wealth.
A lotus flower in the water.
Picture by Jay Castor of Pixabay

As just mentioned, the lotus flower is a symbol of wealth as well. This should come as no surprise since many flowers hold various meanings and are often used to communicate different things.

The lotus flower represents wealth, fortune, and good luck. In fact, the flower carries a lot of positive energy that can bring you luck in various aspects of your life.

Some people also believe that the flower actually helps amplify the kind of luck or wealth you are seeking in life. Other than that, a lotus flower also represents beauty, purity, and fertility.

20. Citrine (Universal)

Citrine as a symbol of wealth.
Pieces of citrine
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Another stone that symbolizes wealth and can help you channel some good fortune in your life is the citrine.

This beautiful stone resembles the sun with its warm and bright color. It is also often associated with life and vitality because of its resemblance to the sun. 

Furthermore, it symbolizes wealth and fortune and is even called the merchant’s stone. People believe that this stone helps the flow of energy and allows it to easily pass from one person to the other.

Similarly, it is thought to bring fortune and success too.

21. Tangerine (China)

A tangerine as a symbol of wealth.
Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

If you have ever visited a Chinese New Year festival, you must have seen an abundance of oranges and tangerines.

Besides all the nutritional value, these fruits are strongly associated with fortune and wealth. The tangerine specifically represents wealth and helps attract good energies. 

That’s why they are an important part of any Chinese festival. You can get them for yourself or even for gifting them to friends and family.

The bright color of the fruits represents general good luck as well.

22. Purple (Universal)

The color purple as a symbol of wealth.
The color purple
Photo by Gradienta on Unsplash

Colors certainly hold a lot of importance in our lives and much to people’s surprise, it also holds different meanings.

The color purple is often associated with wealth and luxury, and the reason behind this goes all the way back to when it was first discovered. 

Initially, purple used to be a very hard color to obtain, and therefore, only the royals and nobles could afford it.

Consequently, the color became a symbol of wealth, luxury, and royalty and this continues to this day.

23. Cornucopia (Greek)

A cornucopia as a symbol of wealth.
A cornucopia
nafeti_art via Pixabay

The cornucopia is a common symbol used around Thanksgiving today, but its roots go way back.

Cornucopia literally translates to ‘horn of plenty’ and is a big symbol of wealth. According to Greek mythology, the god Zeus was fed through this horn.

It is commonly seen in many paintings and sculptures. Now it has come to represent abundance, wealth, prosperity, and great fortune. 

Final Thoughts

After going through this list, you might believe that the best way to attract wealth would be to move to China, considering how many popular symbols of wealth originated there.

However, if you can’t do that, you can always find some version of the symbol nearer to home.

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