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What Is The Birthstone for January 7th?

What Is The Birthstone for January 7th?

For January 7th, the modern-day birthstone is: Garnet

For January 7th, the traditional (ancient) birthstone is: Garnet

The January 7th Zodiac birthstone for Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) is: Ruby

The idea around gemstones and their relation to certain astrological signs are mystical and fascinating. Many people around the world like to hunt their relative birthstones and keep them by their side at all times.

Gemstones have been associated with spiritual powers ever since ancient times. Humankind’s fascination and attraction towards these powerful stones brought them to the modern world as birthstones.


If you were born on January 7th, then your birthstone is garnet. The beautiful gemstone isn’t just limited to its characteristic red color but is available in every shade of rainbow except for blue. Garnet is not a single stone but a family of gemstones ranging from the deep red almandine, strikingly orange spessartine, light green demantoid, and the rarest and attractive tsavorite that puts the green emerald to shame.

History of Gemstones And How They Came to Know As Birthstones

Red heart shaped garnet.
Red heart shaped garnet

Human fascination with gemstones didn’t happen overnight. Over a matter of several centuries gemstones proved to be beneficial for the fortunes and health of humankind. Whether myth or reality, many people over the range of several cultures and traditions have believed that certain gemstones hold spiritual powers that will benefit their wearer.

The first tradition of gemstones being magical entities started from the Book of Exodus, in which it was described that the breastplate of Aaron held 12 gemstones to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Many historians believe that the breastplate was used to communicate with God. Hence early scholars and historians started recognizing the number 12 as significant. Over the course of a few years, many scholars started attributing the 12 stones to the 12 astrological signs.

Many Christians started wearing all the gemstones in hopes that they would all impart their individual powers and characteristics onto their wearer. However, as time went by, many people realized that a specific stone harmonizes with a person at a specific time, which led them to ascribe certain qualities and characteristics to individual gemstones.

Earliest History and Information About the Garnet Birthstone

The name garnet itself has an interesting history. The earliest connections of garnet with romance, empathy, and faithfulness are telltale signs that the stones are related to love and life

The name garnet is derived from granatum, which means pomegranate. Ancient Egyptians used to lay these stones into hand-wrought jewelry as they would resemble the red seeds of a pomegranate. Many healers used this gemstone for protection against spiritual, physical, and mental evils.

The garnets have been used centuries before to cure depression and nightmares, and many travelers carried these stones for good fortune and well-being when they went away from home. Egyptians used to accompany their mummies with the garnet gemstone to offer them protection in the next world. 

The most famous garnet jewelry piece is the pyrope hair comb, which is made of a large pyrope garnet embedded alongside smaller garnets resembling a bead of pomegranate seeds. Such jewelry pieces were particularly common in the Victorian era as well.

Origins of Garnet

Garnets are not found in one or two varieties, but at least 17 varieties of garnets are found worldwide. There are cheap and commonly found garnets, but on the other hand, there are some scarce and valuable varieties of garnets in the world.

Red almandine is the most well-known garnet. It occurs in abundance in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka. 

The neon orange spessartite hails from Namibia, Australia, Afghanistan, and the United States. 

The most precious and vibrant garnet, demantoid, originates from Russia. Although many other varieties are found in Italy and Iran, the demantoid found in Russia is still considered a high-quality standard.

Tsavorite, another beautiful grass green colored garnet, is found in East Africa.

Different Colors and Symbolism of Garnets

Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring.
Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring
Photo by Gary Yost on Unsplash

Garnets are found in a variety of colors and shades. There is even a color-changing variety of garnets out there, which proves how unique and desirable this stone can be for gemstone collectors.

The Red Variety

The red garnets stand for love and friendship. The deep red color symbolizes blood, heart, and, simultaneously, life force. The red garnets stimulate the inner fire and vitality of its wearer, which is why red garnets are used to improve the love between a couple, form new attraction between potential lovers, and strengthen the bond of an existing romance.


The most desirable red garnet variety is the pyrope. The rich pomegranate color that resembles a ruby is set into jewelry items and considered a fashion statement. Pyropes are associated with fire and heat and are used to boost systemic circulation and eliminate blood disorders.


Almandine garnets are more common and cheaper varieties of garnets. They are opaque or transparent gem-like in appearance. The almandine colors range from deep red to purplish red, with earthy undertones. Almandine stands for endurance and vitality and helps its wearer feel grounded when faced with life phases with low motivation and energy.

The Green Variety

Green garnets are more associated with heart cleansing than stimulation. These garnets have to restore properties for their wearers and increase the kindness, physical vitality, and compassion in the person wearing them. The green color symbolizes liberation and rejuvenation and also pays an ode to the color of mother earth.


Demantoid garnets have a light green to deep forest green coloration. The name demantoid is derived from a German word, which establishes its connection to diamond. Demantoid garnets beat diamonds in their fire and luster, and are prized for their beautiful appearance and rareness. Demantoid garnets are used to remove obstacles in the way of love and friendship, and they can help a couple overcome their struggles and form better bonds between them.


Tsavorite garnets are very similar to demantoids in their color and appearance. However, the tsavorite doesn’t have the luster and fire that demantoid possesses. The rich and vibrant green color of tsavorite rivals the beauty of emerald, as it is rare and more valuable than the latter gemstone.

Tsavorites help their wearer overcome their mental and emotional trauma. The gemstone supports the person wearing it by helping them recover from illness and promotes regeneration and rejuvenation in its wearer. This gemstone’s rich and vibrant color is also believed to relieve its wearer from financial anxieties.

Alternative and Traditional Birthstones for January

There are many alternative and traditional birthstones that people born on January 7th can wear.

Alternative Gemstones According to Days of the Week

Several cultures associate gemstones with the day of the week.

People born on Sunday can wear a Topaz as their birthstone.

Those born on Monday can wear Pearls.

Tuesday borns can wear Ruby.

Those people born on Wednesday can wear an Amethyst.

Thursday borns can wear the beautiful Sapphire.

Friday borns can wear birthstone Agate.

Those people born on a Saturday can wear Turquoise.

Alternative and Traditional Birthstones for Capricorns

Beautiful ruby gems.
Beautiful ruby gems

If you were born on January 7th, your zodiac sign is Capricorn. This means that your alternate ancient birthstones are ruby and turquoise.

Your alternate traditional birthstones are Agate, garnet, peridot, and vesuvianite.

And your alternative modern birthstones are amber, green tourmaline, obsidian, Smokey quartz, black onyx, black tourmaline, fluorite.

Garnets FAQs

Are Garnets and Ruby the Same Stone?

No rubies have a deeper red color with bluish undertones than garnets.

How do I know if my garnet is real?

Garnets are recognized by their saturated colors and inclusions.

What Kind of Dominant Energy do Garnets Possess?

Garnets have an energy that balances the negative energy of their wearer. The stones can bring love and serenity to a person’s life.

What Happened on January 7th in History?

  • The emperor of Japan, Hirohito, died in 1989 at the age of 87.
  • Famous American actor Nicholas Cage was born in 1964.
  • Nick Clegg the British politician, was born in 1967.


If you were born on January 7th, then your birthstone is garnet. There are several colors of this gemstone that you can find easily in the market. Although some rare and striking varieties of garnets bewitch anyone who looks at them, the most well-known almandine and pyrope are easily found and used in jewelry items because of their durability.

If you are new to the world of birthstones and the significant power they hold, it is better to experiment around and try wearing a few birthstones, switching them to see which resonates with your personality and aura.

The world of gemstones is a vast area to explore, and you have plenty of traditional, modern, and other alternative birthstones that you can swap for garnets in case you cannot find this birthstone near you or do not want to wear them.