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Mary: Name Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Mary: Name Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

At some point or another throughout your life, you have likely encountered at least one person named Mary.

Mary is one of the oldest and most classical names given to people today, as it is also a name that has been widely popularized throughout The Bible.

When you are familiar with the name Mary, its original meaning, and its intended symbolism, you can feel more confident when naming your own children or when digging deeper into the origin of various names and what they mean to others today.

What Does Mary Mean?

The name Mary is believed to have been derived from a word that can be translated into “beloved” today, although there is speculation that the name Mary can also be translated into “rebellion“, referencing Mary, or Miriam’s Biblical life in Egypt as a slave.

The etymology of Mary is directly from an Egyptian verb that means “to love“, which is why Mary is known as such a powerful and timeless name in many cultures and traditions.


The name “Mary” is said to have come from the Hebrew name, Miriam, which can be found all throughout the Bible (Old Testament). Mary, or Miriam, was the sister of Moses.

In Latin, the name Miriam can also be loosely translated as Maria, which is why the name Maria has become so widespread around the globe.

The name Maria, originally found in various parts of Spain, was then adopted and changed to Marie as a French name, once the name’s popularity began to spread throughout Europe.

While the name Mary, or Miriam, is classically a female name, there are male alternatives such as Marion, Mario, and even Marius that may be used to represent the masculine side of the same name in different cultures and/or languages.

There are many name variations of the name Mary, such as:

  • Maria (Spanish and Italian)
  • Mari (Danish)
  • Marie (French)
  • Maryam (Arabic)
  • Maaria (Finnihs)
  • Mariam (Armenian)
  • Mair (Welsh)

The Name Mary in the Bible

The name Mary is extremely prevalent throughout the Bible. Even if you are not religious or a practicing Christian, you have likely heard of the Virgin Mary at some point or another throughout your life.

There are many instances throughout the Bible in which a Mary is referenced, including:

  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mary of Nazareth, also known as the mother of Jesus Christ
  • Mary of Clopas
  • Mary of Bethany
  • Mary, the mother of John Mark
  • Mary, the disciple in Rome named Mary

It is known that the name Mary has been referenced throughout the New Testament of the Bible a total of 40 times.

Additionally, the apparent root origin word of the name Mary, Miriam, can also be found 14 times in the New Testament of the Bible.

The Popularity of the Name Mary

The timeless name Mary was one of the most popular names in America for nearly 50-60 years. Beginning in the late 1880s, the name Mary was the very most popular name for babies until 1946.

While the name Mary fell out from the #1 name in 1946 to the girl’s name, Linda, it returned to its popular spot between the years 1953 and 1961, making it one of the longest-lasting popular girl names throughout the years.

Since the early 1970s, the name Mary has had a slow decline in popularity, although it is still ranked within the top 125 names of all time in the US and West alone.

Mary Symbolism

In numerology, the name Mary has a significant meaning and has a numerology number of 3. Mary is said to be agreeable, committed, dedicated, persistent, and noble in her pursuits throughout life.

Mary and the Number 3

In numerology, Mary is represented by the number 3, which represents creation and being a creator oneself.

Mary is an individual who enjoys reaching their creative potential without limitations. She is also someone who is extremely friendly, adaptable, and someone who enjoys observing the natural beauty of everyday life around her.

In most cases, Mary may find it easy to remain creative even well into adulthood, providing her the foundation she needs to pursue and achieve any creative goal she sets for herself.

Mary and Love

The name Mary and the number three in love will allow her to express her beauty and sensual side with ease and with grace, which may intimidate those around her.

While Mary may feel as if she desires companionship and stable relationships, she may find herself feeling bored and despondent in a romantic affair once she becomes bored or is no longer mentally and creatively stimulated.

In order for Mary to feel complete in love, she will need to feel adored, cherished, and creatively challenged from time to time with her chosen partner.

Mary’s Color Symbol

The color yellow often represents the name Mary, which is a sign of determination, fortitude, and even friendliness.

Yellow also symbolically represents Mary’s ability to remain as adaptable as possible, regardless of the challenge or scenario that she encounters, even if she is facing the challenge head-on and on her own.

Mary’s Best Day

According to numerology, individuals not only have a designated number, path, and color that is best for them, but they also have days that can turn out to be the best days for their own individual journey.

For Mary, her best day, according to numerology, is Saturday. Saturday, which is often thought of as the day of Saturn, as well as the day of the Sabbatical for many, depending on your beliefs, is associated with setting goals, learning, and growing.

Saturdays can be the perfect day for Mary to tune into a new project with focus and intent.


Learning about the name Mary and its symbolism is useful if you are currently in the process of thinking of a name for a new child of your own, or if you are simply curious about how the name Mary became popularized and widespread today.

Taking the time to research the meaning of the name Mary is extremely useful for many reasons, from naming children to gift-giving and self-exploration.