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Top 15 Symbols of Perseverance With Meanings

Top 15 Symbols of Perseverance With Meanings

Perseverance is an extremely important quality to have. It helps you remain steadfast in the face of adversity and allows you to achieve your full potential. To persevere means to persist in times of difficulty and overcome obstacles.

This helps turn misfortunes into learning opportunities. It also instills courage and fortitude in individuals to overcome the inevitable difficulties life throws at them. 

At times, persevering through difficult situations can be challenging. It is normal to lack confidence and strength at times to get through a difficult period. This is when we look at symbols of perseverance and take inspiration from them.

These symbols can be followers, animals, colors, or even mythological creatures. Studying them can give us the strength and courage to revive confidence in ourselves and breeze through any difficulty we face in life.

Let’s consider the top 15 symbols of perseverance below:

1. Lotus Flower

Red lotus flower.
Red lotus flower
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

The lotus flower is an ancient Buddhist symbol of perseverance and resilience. Being an Aquatic flower, the lotus grows underwater in murky, difficult conditions. The lotus goes through the daily struggle to come out of muddy and dark waters and finally reach the vitality of sunlight.

The lotus is the only flower that rises 12 inches above the water. The Lotus flower forms a great analogy for a Buddhist struggling to attain enlightenment. Aside from Buddhists, the lotus flower is an important symbol for ancient Egyptians and Hindus. (1)

2. Brown and Green Color

Grass and soil close up shot.
Grass and soil
Image Courtesy: Piqsels

Both Brown and Green colors are closely linked to nature. Brown stands for nature, while green stands for plants, crops, and foliage essential for the survival of all living things. Both brown and green represent stability, resilience, perseverance, and endurance. (2)

Green symbolizes harmony and health and helps rejuvenate the mind and body. It helps one feel secure and safe and also promises prosperity and growth. The brown color is also considered comforting and reliable. It is a stabilizing color that helps us stay grounded. (3)

3. The Golden Eagle

The golden eagle is a prominent symbol of perseverance, strength, and resilience throughout Europe, the Americas, and the East. The eagle is huge with no natural enemies. It can kill prey much larger than itself, such as sheep and deer.

Eagles are capable of this due to their courage, resilience, and strength. The relentless perseverance of the eagle is why many military forces across the world use it as a symbol of bravery. Native Americans believed eagles were animals closest to the creator and were sacred.

This was due to their ability to fly higher than other birds and their strength and courage. (4)(5)

4. The Celtic Bull

The Celtic people considered the bull essential due to its masculinity and impressive presence. The Celtic bull was symbolic due to its fertility and virility. The Celtics used the bull to symbolize sexual strength, perseverance, and endurance. The Celtics also valued the bull due to its productive nature.

They saw the bull to be a hardworking animal with a strong will. As the Celtic bull was also an important food source for the Celtic people, it was also considered a symbol of abundance. The bull was also often sculpted on Celtic coins.

This showed the connection between the bull as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The bull was one of the most important Celtic animals. (6)(7)

5. The Griffin

An engraving of a Griffin.
An engraving of a Griffin
National Gallery of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Griffin was one of the most popular mythological creatures for the Celtic people. A Griffin was thought to have the forelegs, wings, and face of an eagle with a lion’s body.

For the Celtics, the Griffin symbolized strength, perseverance, and savagery. Griffins were also thought to be courageous and bold. It was commonly believed that Griffins guarded great treasures just like dragons. (8)

6. The Oak Tree

Oak Tree on a hill.
Oak Tree on a hill
Image Courtesy: Max Pixel

The Ancient Celtic people, the Greeks, and the Romans all held the oak tree in particularly high esteem. The Celtic people called the Oaktree the ‘father of the woods.’ The ancient Greeks linked the oak tree to the god of thunder, Zeus.

This might be due to the oak tree’s nature to attract lightning and remain standing in its face. Oak trees can also live up to 300 years, making them legendary and full of wisdom. Thus these cultures considered the oak tree a symbol of strength, resistance, and perseverance.

7. The Phoenix

A Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Image courtesy:

The phoenix is a mythological bird that has encapsulated humans for centuries. The phoenix is a strong symbol of endurance, perseverance, and immortality. The phoenix is one of the oldest mythological birds and originated from Ethiopia.

It is also known as the firebird. The phoenix is known to burst into flames and then resurrect from its ashes. A phoenix encourages us to endure and persevere. It teaches us that tolerance, patience, and persistence is the key to life.

If a phoenix can withstand a challenge, burn itself and then rise again, we can surely endure our difficult times and come out on top. (9)(10)

8. The Horse

Side view of a horse.
A horse
Marcelo Chagas via Pexels

Different cultures have assigned different attributes to the Horse. Horses have been great symbols of strength, intelligence, and speed. They have been symbolic of wealth, prestige, perseverance, and status. Horses also symbolize nobleness, freedom, and confidence.

Horses are man’s loyal companions in battle and life. They have also been an essential part of mythology and folklore. These animals push us to be the best version of ourselves and persevere through all of life’s challenges. (11)

9. Tortoise

A Tortoise
Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

The tortoise is a great symbol of perseverance. Even though the tortoise is known for its slow movement, it reminds us that you can easily accomplish your goal if you don’t give up.

Remember the fable between the hare and the tortoise? The tortoise reached the finish line first by not giving up and remaining steadfast. 

10. Woodpecker

Different birds are recognized for different things. Some might be able to soar high above the rest, while others may have a melodious voice. But the woodpecker is none of these. Woodpeckers are known to strike on wood with their beaks constantly.

These consistent birds persevere through the task without being intimidated by hardship. Also known as carpenter birds, a woodpecker can drill through thick trees to hollow out wood. It is still a surprise how they can do this without causing any damage to themselves. (12)

11. Ant

Two black ants.
Two black ants
Rakeshkdogra, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An ant is an excellent example of perseverance when it comes to animals. Ants are quiet, yet adventurous and are not known to give up. These risk-takers carve out a path for themselves and strive to follow it no matter what.

Ants may be shy but are fearless in the face of an obstacle. They are linked to patience, determination, and hard work. Ants exemplify what it means to persevere in the face of hardship. 

12. Sphinx

Sphinx of Giza.
Sphinx of Giza
Image Courtesy:

The sphinx is an extremely well-known symbol of strength in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. With a human face and the body of a lion, the sphinx is attributed to be extremely intelligent and strong.

Many believed the sphinx signified the mortal and immortal and the divine. It is also thought that the pharaoh‘s head over an animal body also represents humans dominating nature and chaos. (13)

13. Bears

Bear in grass.
Bear in grass
Yathin S Krishnappa / CC BY-SA

Bears are a major Native American symbol of strength, perseverance, courage, vitality, and family. The Native Americans started highly respecting the bear due to its independent, non-relying nature and its endurance and strong will. Hence bears provided comfort and strength to native american communities, especially those isolated. 

14. Wolves

Pack of Wolves.
Pack of Wolves
Photo by JC of Pixabay

Wolves are known to represent many different attributes. These differ according to mythology and culture, and include strength, endurance, perseverance, loyalty, teamwork, protection, freedom, etc. Wolves can endure in the face of hardship with great strength and grace

15. Tigers

Tiger Close-up Shot.
A Tiger
Image courtesy:

Tigers are well-known symbols of perseverance, bravery, courage, and strength in Chinese mythology. The Chinese thought tigers possessed yin energy and were also strong symbols of protection.

Tiger’s images were placed in houses and clothing and were thought to ward off the evil eye. The ancient Chinese thought that if they called upon the tiger, they could also absorb these qualities from it.


Strength and perseverance are two key qualities that help me remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Which of these top 15 symbols of perseverance were you already aware of? Let us know in the comments below!



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