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What Is The Birthstone for January 16th?

What Is The Birthstone for January 16th?

For January 16th, the modern-day birthstone is: Garnet

For January 16th, the traditional (ancient) birthstone is: Garnet

The January 16th Zodiac birthstone for Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) is: Ruby

This passion around birthstones is not a modern world trend but has accompanied humankind since the Bronze Age. While there are separate birthstones for everyone according to their zodiac signs, birthdate, days of the week they were born on, ruling planet, etc. 

Here’s everything you need to know about garnet, the January birthstone.

Introduction to Garnets

The garnet birthstone belongs to the month of January. If you were born on January 16th, then your birthstone is garnet.

While there are other alternative birthstones that you can switch with garnet, which we will discuss later on, there is hardly any reason why these gemstones wouldn’t impress anyone with their beauty and striking coloration.

Garnets are available in every rainbow color except blue, from the blood-red almandine to ruby red pyrope, neon orange spessartite, and even a color-changing garnet. These stones bewitch anyone who looks at them, and people born on January 16th are fortunate to wear this beautiful stone as a birthstone.


Garnets are translucent, transparent, or opaque gemstones. Even though they are available in a variety of colors, usually, the red garnet is the most commonly known and found variety. 

The garnet is not an individual stone but a family of gemstones. There are at least 17 varieties of garnets, and they are frequently worn as jewelry items because of their durability.

Almandine and spessartite are the most commonly found varieties of garnets. Other garnets like demantoid and tsavorite are stunning but rare garnet varieties.

How Did Mere Gemstones Come To Be Recognized as Birthstones?

Red heart shaped garnet.
Red heart shaped garnet

The very origin of birthstones can be dated back to the breastplate of the Israelites’ first high priest. The breastplate of Aaron, described in the Book of Exodus, has 12 gemstones embedded in it.

The 12 stones were recognized as:

  1. Sardius
  2. Topaz
  3. Carbuncle
  4. Emerald
  5. Sapphire
  6. Diamond
  7. Jacinth
  8. Agate
  9. Amethyst
  10. Beryl
  11. Onyx
  12. Jasper

According to Jewish historians, the gemstones in the breastplate held immense powers. Later on, the special powers of the 12 gemstones were associated with the 12 astrological signs, and people wore them at specific times to ensure that the stones would grant them power and strength when they needed them.

Facts and History of Birthstones

In ancient times, there was no method of determining how one red stone differed from the other. This is why gems were classified and named by their colors, not their chemical composition.

When the Jewish historians made a connection between the 12 gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate with the 12 months in a year, or 12 zodiac signs, people started collecting all 12 birthstones in hopes that their combined powers would benefit them.

However, later, they realized that the single stone worn at a given time has heightened powers compared to wearing all of them at once. As time passed, many different cultures and groups started wearing gemstones for their spiritual powers. Birthstones’ history is also found in Hindu traditions. The gemstones are believed to grant their wearer cosmic harmony, wealth, and high status. 

Garnet Birthstone

Garnet is one of the most critical birthstones and has a rich and fascinating history. These stones have been used ever since the Bronze Age. The ancient Egyptians buried their dead with this gemstone as they believed it would protect them in the afterlife. People in ancient times used to wear garnets to battlefields trusting that it would grant them strength and protection against their enemies. 

Garnets are found in many regions of the world. Wide varieties of garnets are available, which is why different types are found in different world locations. The most common and cheap garnet almandine originates from Brazil, the USA, and India. Pyrope is found in South Africa, China, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The orange spessartite comes from China, and other garnet varieties are also found in Finland, Myanmar, Tanzania, etc.

Are Garnet Gemstones Very Rare and Precious?

The red garnet is the most common variety, but the other rare varieties are much more valuable. These gemstones are silicate minerals formed in rocks under intense pressure and temperatures.

Green garnets, tsavorite, are the rarest garnet variety. These stones are found in Kenya. In addition to being highly valuable and expensive, green garnets are also believed to bring wealth, luck, and prosperity to a person.

Almandine garnets, red in color, resembling blood and life, are used more often for industrial purposes than ornamental stones. A good quality almandine, however, is highly desirable as it resembles a ruby with its deep red color and earthy undertones.

January Birthstone Garnet Meaning

Different gemstones are associated with different powers in the past, and even today, in modern times, many people believe that their particular birthstone will synchronize with their personalities and benefit them with their mystical powers.

Garnets have always been associated with protection, power, and strength. The deep red color of almandine associated the gemstone, both in ancient and modern times, with blood and life. 

A garnet can stimulate its wearer’s heart chakra, bring success and wealth, cure mental, physical, and emotional ailments, and protect against diseases and trauma. 

Garnets are associated with blood and heart and have several metaphysical properties that benefit their wearer. A garnet can cure depression, mend broken hearts and repair weakened bonds of love. Ancient healers used to put garnets on their patient’s wounds to speed up the recovery process. Many people like to gift garnets to a married couple on their second anniversary as a symbol of love and empathy.

Garnets Colors and Their Individual Symbolism

Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring.
Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring
Photo by Gary Yost on Unsplash

Garnets are not just available in red color. There are different colors and varieties of garnets, and they all symbolize different spiritual powers.


Almandine garnets are red and resemble blood and life. Hence they symbolize vitality, strength, and endurance and help a person feel grounded in moments of disorientation or low motivation.


Pyrope is good for emotional and spiritual support. These rare garnets stimulate the digestive tract and immune system to heal blood disorders and boost systemic circulation.


Another valuable garnet that stone collectors find highly desirable. The light green color is believed to remove obstacles in love and empathy and allow a married couple to reform and strengthen their bonds.


Spessartine garnets stimulate the creative aura around its wearer and encourage them to pursue their goals and take on daring tasks to help them achieve their dreams and visions.

Color Changing Garnets

Color-changing garnets are extremely valuable and are believed to fluctuate the negative energies in the life of their wearer, balancing them with positive aspects.


Grossular garnets are varicolored garnets and are available in near-colorless varieties. These garnets represent long protection and good fortune. These gemstones are also believed to stimulate the respiratory system and fight against infectious diseases in the body.

Alternative and Traditional Birthstones for January

Beautiful ruby gems.
Beautiful ruby gems

Many people like experimenting with alternative gemstones to see which stone’s power will reflect their personality.

People born on January 16th are Capricorns, which means that their ruling planet is Saturn. If you were born on January 16th, your ancient birthstones are ruby and turquoise. Alternatively, your traditional birthstones are garnet, period, agate, and vesuvianite.

There are other alternative modern birthstones for people born on the 16th of January: black tourmaline, obsidian, malachite, amber, azurite and Smokey quartz, but the official modern gem is garnet.

Garnets FAQs

Are Garnets Stones or Gems?

Garnets are deep red gems formed from silicate minerals.

Is Garnet More Expensive Than Diamonds?

No, the diamond still remains the most valuable gemstone of all time.

Which Garnet Color is the Most Valuable?

Rare green garnets, including demantoid and tsavorite, are the most valuable varieties.


Birthstones are used by people all over the world for meditation or grounding when life situations turn out to be tough for them. They proudly wear their birthstones around their necks or as rings or keep them in their pockets to touch with their worrying fingers whenever they need reassurance.

There is something mystical and fascinating about gemstones and the power they hold over our spiritual and emotional well-being. So whether you are new to discovering this sublime energy or clearly understand the powers your birthstone holds over you, there is nothing stopping you from discovering your modern, traditional, and alternative birthstones and whether they work for you as you want.

So if you were born on January 16th, try wearing one of the many birthstones we have listed for you above, but most of all, give your birthstone garnet a chance to bring vitality, strength, and positive energies into your life.