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What Is The Birthstone for January 3rd?

What Is The Birthstone for January 3rd?

For January 3rd, the modern-day birthstone is: Garnet

For January 3rd, the traditional (ancient) birthstone is: Garnet

The January 3rd Zodiac birthstone for Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) is: Ruby

Like other Capricorns, people born on January 3rd are charming, hardworking, and friendly. Being a January Capricorn means you are well-grounded, wise, and passionate. All these traits are mirrored in the birthstone for January 3rd, the Garnet. 

Ancient, multi-colored, wise, deep, and passionate, the Garnet is a birthstone worth envying. The planet Saturn rules garnets in the sky. The best day to wear them is Saturday, when the planet Saturn’s influence is strongest in the first hour after dawn.

History of the Birthstone of January

A heart-shaped Garnet mounted on a platinum ring accented with diamonds.
A heart-shaped Garnet mounted on a platinum ring accented with diamonds.
Photo by superlens photography:

The origin of the modern-day birthstones is the breastplate of Aaron, mentioned in the book of Exodus. The breastplate used to commune with the Lord was studded with twelve gemstones, each marked with the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. 

Since ancient times, the connection between the twelve tribes, the twelve stones, the twelve calendar months, and the twelve zodiacs was obvious. 

Previously, it was recommended to own all twelve gemstones and wear them during their calendar month. It was thought that their effects were only felt during their specific calendar month. However, experts and scholars concluded in the 18th Century that the effects of the gemstones lasted throughout the year but were strongest during specific astrological periods. 

It was also established that they bear the most significant effect on those born in the calendar month associated with the stone. 

Garnets are one of the most ancient gemstones used as a tool to aid spiritual guidance for millennia. 

Dating five thousand years ago, back to the bronze age, Garnets were famous for their earthy depth and richness. They have adorned jewelry from the Victorian era and ancient Egyptian talismans. 

Garnets are powerful grounding and guiding stones. They help channel the wisdom, steadfastness, ambition, and passion that Capricorns are known for. 

Garnet Birthstone Colors

Red garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring.
Red Garnet beside a smokey quartz in a ring
Photo by Gary Yost on Unsplash

Garnets come in several colors. Each color is imbued with different aspects and powers all garnets share. However, they are more specialized in one power over the others. 

You must have seen Garnet in its traditional blood-red color. However, it is also found in orange, pink, green, brown, and black. 

The Significance of Garnet Colors and Meanings

The month of January is divided between two zodiacs, Capricorn and Aquarius. Red, brown, and black garnets generally favor Capricorns, especially early ones born in the first third of the month. 

In contrast, pink, green, and orange Garnets favor Aquarians. However, this can be disregarded if you feel a strong urge to own lighter Garnets while being born on January 3rd.

If you desire a specific color of the gemstone, you are attracting the qualities you require. In matters like these, it is best to trust your inner feelings. The color which draws your eye the most has benefits for you. 

The different colors of the Garnet stone have enhanced and highlighted meanings. 

Here is what each Garnet color represents and it’s meaning:

1. Red Garnet Meaning

The Red Garnet or Pyrope Garnet has a meaning associated strongly with the heart. The blood-red color of the Garnet means it is related to matters of the heart, life, and love

It means clarity and steadfastness in love and friendship. This Garnet celebrates life and love, and it implies tenacity. 

2. Black Garnet Meaning

Almandine is the most common Garnet. It ranges from dark red to a deep black color. It has a more profound meaning than other garnets. It means strength and changelessness. The black Garnet is used to signify power, wisdom, and perseverance. It is a grounding stone. It depicts the strength of the ego and even implies pride. 

3. Orange Garnet Meaning

Orange garnet means unchanging happiness. It means your happiness perseveres despite all odds. The orange Garnet, Spessartite, celebrates profound joy and happiness. Like other Garnets, it depicts clarity and strength but regards happy emotions. 

4. Pink Garnet Meaning

The pink Garnet means pure pleasure and ecstasy. The powers of the pink Garnet attract pleasure and delicious experiences to the wearer. The type of pleasure derived from a pink garnet is unpolluted and unapologetic. 

5. Brown Garnet Meaning

Brown Garnets mean steadfastness and humility. It is the Garnet most closely related to the Earth. It invokes the strength and modesty of the Earth, best suited to an Earth sign like Capricorn. 

6. Green Garnet Meaning

Green Garnets are the rarest Garnets. They are much cooler than the red Garnets related to passionate love. These garnets represent the strength of nature. If you are attracted to a green Garnet, you have a close connection with nature, and the gem will strengthen it further. 

Garnet Stone Symbolism

Red heart shaped garnet.
Red heart shaped Garnet

The physical properties of a gemstone allude to its spiritual powers. The Garnet stone symbolizes strength and clarity. It comes in deep colors with little to no occlusions. Commonly known as the commitment stone, reflecting the perseverance and ambition of Capricorns born on January 3rd. 

As one of the Hoshen stones, it can strengthen your memory and bring you clarity of mind. If you have wisdom, this will draw it out from within you. It is no surprise that the ancient Egyptians hailed the stone as the symbol of life. What is life if not passionate, profound, and endowing wisdom? 

The deep red color of Garnets led it to be associated with the heart and blood. Garnets depict the beating heart of life and perseverance. 

Garnet Birthstone Meaning

Garnets depict passion, life, clarity, wisdom, and perseverance. They can also mean struggle, indifference, obsession, stubbornness, and changelessness. Everything has its dark and light sides. It is up to the wearer how they meditate and channel the powers of the Garnet stone.

Alternative and Traditional Birthstones for January

Beautiful ruby gems.
Beautiful ruby gems

There are three lists of birthstones, ancient, traditional, and modern. Ancient birthstones have been worn for thousands of years, traditional for hundreds, and modern have recently been added to the ranks. The ancient, traditional and modern birthstone for January has remained the Garnet. 

The Garnet is the gem of Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn. It was an ideal fit for the month of January, predominantly Capricorn. For some reason, if you do not like Garnet, there are alternative gemstones you could wear.

The ruby is an excellent alternative for people born on January 3rd, the Gemstone of Capricorn. It is red like Garnet but has different symbolism and meanings. 

The second traditional birthstone of January is the Jacinth or red zircon. Rose Quartz and Emeralds are also considered modern birthstones for January. Each has completely separate essences and meanings.

You can choose whichever one of these draws you to it. The gem that attracts you will reveal much about your personality. 

For example, if you are attracted to Rubies instead of Garnet, you value love, commitment, friendship, and loyalty the most. Similarly, if you prefer Emeralds, you have a strong intuition. 

If you understand your birth chart, you also have a rising Zodiac sign. This is your outward personality or the self you show the world. You can also embrace the birthstone of your rising sign as an alternative. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Birthstone of January 

What is The Real Birthstone of January?

Garnet is the real birthstone of January. Particularly the red-black variety. This Ancient gemstone has been used to ward off evil spirits and imbue the wearer with strength and clarity of mind for thousands of years. It is the undisputed birthstone for the month of January.

What is January’s Birthstone Color?

January’s Birthstone Color is true blood red. This is the most common variety of January’s birthstone, the Garnet. It is also the color of Rubies, and Jacinths, the traditional alternative gemstones of January.

Why is Garnet the Birthstone of January?

Garnet, originally named “granet” because it resembled pomegranate seeds, is the gem of the Greek goddess Persephone. She is a Capricorn. The Garnet was also given power by the planet Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. Given these associations and being one of the twelve gems on the breastplate of Aaron, it was a perfect fit for January, the month of Capricorns.

Facts About January 3rd in History

Learn about the significance of your birthday in history by brushing up on events that happened on this day. Each date in the Roman calendar has a spiritual significance. The day we are born reflects the rest of our lives.

  • In 1777 AD George Washington won the Battle of Princeton. 
  • In 1892 AD Author of The Lord of the Rings series, J.R.R Tolkien, was born.
  • In 1933 AD Minnie Craig became the first female speaker of any State House of Representatives in the United States. 
  • In 2004 AD NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit landed and began exploring the surface of the planet Mars.


With a Garnet, people born on January 3rd can amplify their already present strength, clarity of mind, ambition, and perseverance. Alternatives include Rubies, Jacinths, and Emeralds. Learn about the power of birthstones given your birthday and harness it.