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Koi Fish Symbolism (Top 8 Meanings)

Koi Fish Symbolism (Top 8 Meanings)

The Koi fish is domestic and friendly enough to hold its head over the water to get a pet, so almost every pond in a Japanese garden has a Koi fish. Noticing a Koi fish is easy, thanks to its strong colors and beautiful look. However, behind its exotic looks, there’s a deeper meaning.

In Chinese and Japanese cultures, the meaning of the Koi fish is very positive. This fish can grow quite big and live a long time, symbolizing longevity, good luck, good fortune, and strength

Nonetheless, that’s not nearly all you need to know about Koi fish symbolism, so keep reading if you’re interested in discovering more.

Koi Fish symbolize: good luck, perseverance, abundance, spirituality, strength, courage, passion, peace, calmness, success, and wealth.

Koi Fish Symbolism

Koi Carp.

Good luck

The most common thing that the Koi fish represents is bringing good luck. People believe that keeping or even touching a Koi fish will bring them good times. However, not anyone can find and keep a Koi fish. 

So, if you’re unable to do that, there are other ways. For example, to be able to use its good luck charm, you can buy a painting or a statue and put it in your home. Once you do that, you’ll start understanding why the Koi fish is considered to be a bringer of good luck.

Overcoming obstacles

Calico Koi Fish Watercolor Painting in Red White and Black Ink Sumi-e Illustration.

One unique characteristic of the Koi fish is its ability to swim against the currents; hence, it symbolizes determination and a successful and effortless overcoming of obstacles. The fighting spirit of this fish also means that everyone can be persistent and not give up on their goals. 

Therefore, anytime you’re facing difficulties, remember that if the Koi fish can stay determined, you can continue being persistent and achieve your dreams.


Another thing the Koi fish symbolizes is abundance and wealth, especially if the fish is gold. People often keep this fish in their ponds, hoping fortune will knock on their door

Also, this meaning can be connected to your career, so expect a promotion or some new remarkable opportunity that will turn everything around in the most positive way. 

Thus, seeing a Koi fish is a good sign and a symbol of prosperity, indicating that abundance is coming your way.

Spiritual symbolism

A closeup of koi fish - a colored variety of the Amur carp.

The Koi fish also has a spiritual meaning which is quite deep. So, if you see a Koi fish, especially if the fish swim towards you, that means a visit from someone who’s no longer here with you. The soul of that someone has gotten reincarnated and is visiting you. After this encounter, you can rest assured that someone’s looking over you.

The Color Meaning of a Koi Fish

Several carp in a pond of different colors.

The variety of beautiful colors of the Koi fish shows how unique it looks. It’s easy to notice a Koi as soon as you see it. No other fish looks that way. 

Also, finding two Koi fishes that look the same is impossible. You can spot this creature in many beautiful colors, such as gold, red, blue, and black, each of which has a different meaning.

Black Koi fish

The black Koi fish represents perseverance, strength, and courage. So, seeing a black Koi fish means you’ll easily overcome obstacles. That’s because this exotic fish can effortlessly swim against the currents, and nothing can stop her from reaching its destination.

Red Koi fish

The red Koi fish is associated with passion and love and is often given as a present between couples. However, love can exist towards friends, so the Red Koi fish represents friendship

Furthermore, you can use the red Koi fish as a gift for your loved ones to show them how you feel and indicate that your relationship is strong.

Blue Koi fish

The blue Koi fish symbolizes peace and calmness. Therefore, whenever you’re lucky to see this fish in a blue color, know that good times and a peaceful period awaits you.

Gold Koi fish

The gold Koi fish symbolizes success and wealth. Seeing a gold Koi fish is a sign that shows you that if your goal is to get wealthy, you’ll succeed in that. So, prepare and appreciate everything coming your way.

Dreaming of a Koi Fish

Koi fish in a pond.

Dreaming of a Koi fish is an indicator to stay positive and keep going, even if you are in a tough situation. Especially if the Koi in your dream is swimming upwards, this means you’re going to face some difficulties, but you’ll be able to conquer every obstacle that comes your way.

If you have relationship problems, dreaming of a Koi fish is trying to show you that you need to be the bigger person and put aside your pride. Sometimes that is all you have to do to save the relationship. In the end, everything will be just fine.


It’s easy to conclude that the Koi Fish symbolism is quite positive, so be appreciative every time you see this beautiful fish. When you see it, remind yourself that no amount of stumbling blocks can stop you

Moreover, just like Koi can swim upwards, determined to reach a certain place, the same way, anytime you encounter this symbol, you’ll be able to keep your focus and achieve your goals.